We have many instructors working with us and are always hiring new ones! Our instructors are certified by US Sailing (Windsurfing Certification). Want to teach with us? Call us for details: 415.385.1224

Boardsports School enjoys exclusive teaching rights at 2 of the best beach locations in the Bay Area – Crown Beach Alameda and Coyote Point Park in San Mateo. We have side on shore winds, long sandy beaches, and shallow warm water. Learn at these two ideal beginner and intermediate locations where you will come back to practice on your own. We also offer a full retail shop and can outfit you with all of the gear including kite, bar & lines, board, helmet, harness, impact vest, board leash, knife, and wetsuit.

Boardsports School & Shop Windsurfing Instructors


I have been windsurfing since 1981, and kiting since 2006. I love teaching beginners in both sports, as I get to see them get the thrill of riding out on the bay for the first time.

Rebecca (red rash guard)

The best thing about teaching windsurfing and kiteboarding is that they are sports everyone can learn in a short period of time. There is nothing better than being on the water.


When not teaching, Kipps can be seen shredding it up at Coyote Point on everything from Formula gear to short boards. He has tons of teaching and gear expertise, and can help students understand the finer points between all the different boards and sails.


“The best thing about teaching windsurfing is being there when students experience the sudden freedom and exhilaration of their first ride – when everything finally clicks. I love to see them get excited because windsurfing rocks!”


I have been windsurfing for 6 seasons and teaching for 5. I love teaching my favorite sport to people who then discover it’s their favorite sport!



“Teaching windsurfing is awesome. It’s easy to learn and people have a blast cruising around.“

Vanessa (pink beanie)

Vanessa is our 17 year old fearless leader! She can be found helping out at the desk with rentals, teaching beginners, teaching kid’s camps, or being silly with Ella, her 16 year old kiteboarding counterpart! We have lots of juniors that we mentor as instructors at our school.


“I’ve been windsurfing for 16 years and helping to teach for 6. I love the enthusiasm of the students and the “stoke factor“ of windsurfing!”


Cigdem is passionate about windsurfing and teaching.  She’s been windsurfing for 7 years and teaching for 5 seasons.   She is fluent in Turkish (as she’s from Turkey) and she’s a stellar cook.  When not teaching in Alameda, she can be seen at Berkeley or Sherman Island with the freestyle crowd.


“I’ve been windsurfing for 7 years and teaching for 5. I teach snowboarding in the winter up at Tahoe, and in the summer I enjoy helping people get into windsurfing and get stoked on the sport.”


“I’ve been windsurfing for 4 years and teaching for 3. I believe that two rules in windsurfing also apply to life: “Look up“ and “Never refuse help.“

Jonathan B

Jonathan has been windsurfing for 4 years and teaching for 3.  He’s not only a natural athlete, he’s also a French trained chef and speaks fluent French.  Windsurfing lessons in French anyone?

Jonathan M

Jonathan has been windsurfing for 5 years and teaching for 3.  He loves teaching windsurfing and is fascinated by sail design.  He’s an engineering major at UC Davis during the off season, but will be found at both Alameda and San Mateo during the summers where he’s full-on teaching and sailing. Need lessons in Hebrew?  Jonathan’s your man!


Brendan has been windsurfing for 5 years and teaching for 3.  During the off season, he’s at Santa Cruz studying and surfing.  Brendan has quite a music collection and if you’re looking for eclectic sounds, he’s probably got a recommendation.



Tay – Windsurfing & Kite Clinic Instructor


Susan does little else than hang out at our school with us all summer! She loves helping at our kids camps.