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Learn Windsurfing with Boardsports

Boardsports Beginner Windsurfing Lesson at Crown Beach Alameda

Boardsports Beginner Windsurf Lesson at Crown Beach Alameda

STEP 1: Learning the basics

Windsurfing is easy to learn with a certified lesson on lightweight modern equipment. We teach you proper technique for lifting the sail, getting going, and turning around. Our 2 day class is highly recommended, as in two consecutive days your balance kicks in and your skills take off! All of our beginner lessons include instruction, gear, and wetsuit. See our FAQ page to get starting on learning!

Once you take either our 1 or 2 day beginner class, you can come back to rent gear and master your beginner skills with our special 30 day rental pass (wetsuit rental not included for all rentals). We recommend taking a progression lesson after each 2-3 practice sessions. We will help you “get hooked” on windsurfing so you can go fast and have tons of fun!

Beginner Group Windsurfing Classes are for Ages 12+   For Ages 5-12: see our Kids Camp page

1 Day Group Sat


Alameda           10am-1pm


Lesson Booking FAQs

2 Day Group Sat/Sun


Alameda           10am-1pm


Lesson Booking FAQs

2 Hour Private Beginner Windsurfing Lesson Alameda or San Mateo*   by appointment 7 days a week



San Mateo:


Lesson Booking FAQs

2 Hour 2 ppl Semi-Private Windsurfing Lesson Alameda by appointment 7 days a week


Lesson Booking FAQs

2 Hour 3 ppl Semi-Private Windsurfing Lesson Alameda by appointment 7 days a week


Lesson Booking FAQs


We do not allow cancellations or refunds:  In the case of inclement weather or no wind, we will contact you to reschedule your lesson to another date.



Alameda Vs San Mateo – which site is best for you?


We have exclusive windsurfing teaching rights at the best beginner friendly location in the SF Bay Area, Crown Beach Alameda. Alameda features a 2 mile long sandy beach with shallow warm water, little to no obstacles, and lighter beginner friendly winds (typically 5-10mph in the mornings when we teach beginners).

Our beginner windsurfing lesson can be done as a group class on weekends or a private lesson by appointment. All of our gear is right on the beach. This teaching location is one of the easiest places to learn due to the long beach and shallow warm water. By August, the water temperature reaches 70 degrees (vs 55 at Crissy Field in San Francico).

At our facility in Alameda (“the Shack”) we have an outdoor shower, changing room, and retail shop carrying a full line of windsurfing gear, wetsuits and accessories. Our instructors are certified by US Sailing Windsurfing Instructor Cert.



San Mateo can be beginner friendly in the early mornings, if you are lucky! Due to the stronger winds at our Coyote waterfront facility, we recommend beginners learn in Alameda. If you live closer to San Mateo and can schedule your lesson early in the morning, we can accommodate an individual private beginner lesson in San Mateo.

Once you have mastered the basics and can sail, tack, jibe, and are starting to go fast and want to use a harness, you can progress to intermediate skills. You can take private or group lessons to learn how to us a harness, beach starts, and waterstarts. These windsurfing skills are needed in the 20+mph afternoon winds at Coyote.

At our “Chalet” facility in San Mateo, we have an outdoor shower, a snack bar, and a full retail shop. Our instructors are certified by US Sailing Windsurfing Instructor Cert.


Alameda lesson in action





Why Learn Windsurfing with Boardsports?

  • Teaching since 2002
  • Voted “Best Shop & School”.  See Testimonials
  • Exclusive windsurfing teaching rights to the best beaches in the bay:  Crown Beach, Alameda & Coyote Point, San Mateo
  • Full Retail shop