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Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the hottest new craze taking over water sports. It’s ease of learning and great core workout attracts water enthusiasts of all types. SUP is part paddling, part balancing, part surfing. On flat inland water, you can cruise and glide while touring the local sites. On small swells, you can easily paddle into and ride the waves. You can also take your SUP board and put a windsurf sail on it – a multi-sport blast! Come rent a SUP board at one of our demo centers and try it out.

Boardsports School & Shop enjoys exclusive teaching rights at 2 of the best beach locations in the Bay Area – Crown Beach Alameda and Coyote Point Park in San Mateo. We have long sandy beaches, and shallow warm water. Learn at these two ideal beginner locations where you will come back to rent a SUP board on your own.  We offer beach side rentals as well as full retail. We can outfit you with all of the gear including SUP board, paddle, leash, and SUP apparel.

Intro to SUP - Your First Glide

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