Prolimit Session Aero Bag




Prolimit’s Aero Session bag is a compact quiver bag. More aero-dynamic shape as our session bag. Big enough to fit your complete quiver. The session bag wave is based on quiver till 5.6 (mast till 430). The session bag Freeride is based on quiver till 7.0 (mast till 490). New for 2014 is the universal wheel base, fits all size of the aero session bag and the Windsurf session board and session bag. Improved wheel base for easy carrying. Base is optional!

Aerodynamic shape ideal for car-top use
Fits masts, booms and sails up to 3 to 4 rigs
Car roof attachment points on the side of the bag to protect your sails
New 1 wheel base for all size. Improved for easy carrying

size: mast 430
length: 225
width (front): 33,5
width (back): 55,4
height (front): 15,6
height (back): 24,3
Weight: 4.0 kg

size: mast 490
length: 270
width (front): 33,5
width (back): 57,4
height (front): 19,6
height (back): 28,1
Weight: 4.2 kg

Product Sizes : Wave: 430 cm Freeride: 490 cm

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Wave (mast 430), Freeride (mast 490), Wave (mast 430 w/wheels), Freeride (mast 490 w/wheels)


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