Naish Boss

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The lower cut of the Boss is ideal for riders looking for a high range of motion and excellent back support. Striking the ultimate balance between the Mission 3D and the Moto harnesses from 2016, the Boss combines the height of the Mission 3D with the fit of the Moto. The locked-in bar pad features extensions which insert into the sides of the harness to lock the bar into place. A low-profile, contoured spreader bar (with memory foam padding) add extra comfort and double spreader bar straps further prevent the bar from riding up with use. The lock-in-and-release mechanism has been adapted to be more user-friendly, while 3D-fit technology, contoured side-shaping and a dual tension belt ensure the harness conforms to the rider’s body for maximum comfort.

Locked-in Bar Pad
Low Profile Memory Foam Bar Pad
Click-in Spreader Bar
3D-fit Technology
Load-spreading Structure
Contoured Side Shape
Double Spreader Bar Straps
Low Back Shape
Dual Tension Belt
Heavy-duty Handle Pass Leash
Neoprene Buckle Covers
Soft Rounded Edges
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XXS (26”–28”), XS (28”–30”), S (30”–32”), M (32”–34”), L (34”–36”), XL (36”–38”)


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