Maui Sails Carbon Boom


These are the highest standard carbon booms in the windsurfing industry today.



These state of the art carbon booms made from Pre-preg carbon fiber in heated treated press molds producing the best stiffness to weight ratio possible for composite carbon construction.

They have small diameter for easy grip, extremely stiff due to the monocoque construction and a front end boom head that handles high stress.

Maui Sails Carbon:
It’s been many years with the graphic unchanged and along the way we have been continuously improving small details. The adjustment clips have gone through a big evolution to prevent the corrosion that affected them (we had to chrome plate the 316SS pins!), and the clip bodies were made stronger as well.
Small adjustments to the layup and material specs were made for the Race 190-240, and for this year, there is a wide tail slalom version of the Slalom 170-230 (the tail piece retrofits both the Wave 170 and 140). The new grip design is a ‘statement’ for 2012, and also has less pieces and a slightly harder character to improve durability.
So the boom is ‘new’ in a sense, but it is still the same old super strong, stiff, perfectly shaped one you might have known before.

Technical Features:
– High Stiffness to Weight with double tapered tubes. Race booms are 40mm at the front and back, with 35mm diameter backends, and are the stiffest in the industry.
– 50 – 60 cm length adjustment covers a large number of sail sizes.
– Smaller 30mm diameter of the wave booms makes for comfortable grip.
– Monocoque Construction in Pre-Preg Carbon for maximum stiffness and durability.
– Efficient energy Transfer with MauiSails designed Front End configured for Formula Race Boom performance and available on all MauiSails booms.
– MauiSails Front End designed for easy on / easy off function.
– Boom adjustment clip bodies modified for greater durability and strength.
MauiSails Front End features 25% more surface contact (120mm) with mast to reduce stress on mast connection with zero slippage. – Included Adjustable Outhaul kits and Wide Tail backend with Race booms.
– High Performance grip surface is durable and easy on the hands.
– TEAM tested and approved Boom Arm Curves and Overall Width (Arm to Arm distance) maximizes sail performance.

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130-180, 140-200, 170-230 Wave, 170-230 Slalom, 190-240 32.5mm, 230-290 32.5mm


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