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Pair the North Neo with the Nobile NHP board and you become a carving, jumping, wave-riding machine!


Package includes

  • 2017  9m | 10m | 11m | 12m North Neo Kite
  • 2017 Nobile NHP | 134 cm| Board
  • North Quad bar/lines


2017 North Neo


The 2017 North Neo is the definition of a high performance wave kite and continues to meet the needs of the rider with ease. Thanks to the design concept behind the Neo and the power it delivers, riders are able to use at least 1-2sqm less in comparison to any other kite. This advantageous aspect further enhances its already rapid turning abilities, effortless float down the line, and responsiveness to handling which when combined, ensures ease of manoeuvrability on the wave. Taking wipeouts into consideration, we’ve made the Neo incredibly easy to relaunch so you can get up and away before the next wave hits. The new Anti-Snag leading edge tips will keep the kite tangle free no matter how bad the crash.



  • Moderate delta design
  • 4th and 5th line compatible
  • 3 strut design
  • Excellent drifting abilites
  • Responsive steering when depowered
  • Quick and consistent turning when powered
  • Very powerful (choose 1-2 sizes smaller)



  • Dacron and Technoforce D2
    Teijin is the world’s leading supplier for polyester fabrics and sail materials for all kinds of marine sports. We use the remarkably durable Teijin Dacron for our leading edge, struts, wingtips and wherever high tension or an applied load is found. Technoforce D2 is used for our canopy. Technoforce D2 was an exclusive coating development for North Kiteboarding, which has proven its superiority in durability and dynamics since we started using it.
  • Fusion Strut
    All bladders are produced of high quality Polyurethane. This material is known for its high elasticity in different temperatures and resistance to pressure. The modern welding technique ensures durable seams and binds the material together perfectly.
  • Polyurethane Bladders
    All bladders are produced of high quality Polyurethane. This material is known for its high elasticity in different temperatures and resistance to pressure. The modern welding technique ensures durable seams and binds the material together perfectly.
  • Lazy Pump
    The North Kiteboarding Lazy Pump system enables the inflation of the kite from just one valve. Clips close off struts from leading edge to prevent unwanted airflow in case of damage or simply to only deflate the leading edge.
  • Self Rescue Handles
    The self-rescue handles on the inside of the wingtips can be easily found in case of an offshore break down. They provide a good, comfortable grip while sailing back to the shore during a self-rescue manoeuvre.



Size Windrange Rec. Line Length
4 26 – 40 22 – 24
5 23 – 38 22 – 24
6 21 – 36 22 – 24
7 19 – 34 22 – 24
8 17 – 32 22 – 24
9 15 – 30 22 – 24
10 13 – 28 22 – 24
11 12 – 25 22 – 24
12 11 – 22 22 – 24


North (2018)


2017 Nobile NHP


The Nobile NHP is a top-class board in which all the Nobile technologies have been used. It is perfect for freestyle and big air, without compromising on comfort and upwind performance. We have achieved this effect thanks to the Pre-Stress technology which magically stretches the wood fibres by weaving them and laminates it with glass fabrics in such an outstretched form. Owing to this unique Nobile technology, the board gains bigger torsion resistance which translates into fantastic upwind abilities and massive pop for jumps. Pre-Stress maintains energy within the board which, combined with perfectly chosen flex engineering, ensures low weight, responsiveness and exceptionally soft landings. The construction is a combination of Elliptical Concave – which gives freedom of manoeuvres and great upwind performance – and Double Concave Tips Channels. Together with Pre-Stress they guarantee the perfect ride, solid jumps and smooth landings. The specially designed Hydrodynamic Rocker offers massive pop and take-off during jumps, making every trick easy and fluid. The asymmetric shape, with the extended backside edge, allows easy and more effective curves and turns, and performs very well in all conditions, from flat through to choppy conditions with small waves. Among NHP sizes you will also find the low-wind version of this model. Construction of these sizes is based on the Elliptical Concave and Flat Hydrodynamic Rocker, and then modified in order to keep the NHP characteristics at these extended sizes.


Style: Freestyle/Freeride

Size: 134×41 | 138×43 | XTR 140×46 | XTR 143×48 cm


For advanced riders looking for an exceptional big air,
freestyle board without compromising on comfort or upwind
performance. Designed to ride with straps.


Key Features:

  • Superb traction, impressive top speed
  • Best carving
  • Insane pop for jumps and tech tricks
  • Easy manoeuvres
  • Early planing
  • Flex (1-10): 7
  • Rocker line: Hydrodynamic
  • Bottom construction: Hybrid CONCAVE
  • (Elliptical CONCAVE + Double CONCAVE channels)


  • Generous Rocker guarantees comfort in chop and
    exceptional board agility.
  • The Double Concave is responsible for hard edging and
    staying on track.
  • Top-quality glass fibres pressed in APS technology,
    combined with the wooden core, guarantee incredible pop
    and endurance.
  • Asymmetric outline ensures great upwind and carving
    performance when riding switch.
  • Elliptical Concave allows you to plane quickly and ride
  • Double Concave channels guarantee perfect traction and
    fantastic upwind performance.

Board set includes:

  • Click’N’Go IFS
  • Click’N’Go G10 Fins
  • Grab Handle

Nobile  (2018)



2017 North Quad Bar





Featuring a slew of useful and functional features, this bar is a pleasure to use. Its reduced diameter allows for a thicker EVA bar grip making it more comfortable and reducing hand fatigue. The integrated backline adjuster allows easy on the go adjustment of the steering line trim. The Flip Flop function allows the rider to change the bar width with push-button simplicity easily. Just like that, you can go from 42 cm to 49 cm with the small/medium bar length option or from 46 cm to 53 cm for the medium/large option. Since it comes in two sizes, it can be more accurately matched to the riders preference, style, and kite size. The small/medium bar comes with 19 and 22-meter line options while the medium/large bar can be rigged with 24 and 27-meter line options. The center hole inserts are easily exchangeable as is the chicken dig.

At the heart of the safety system is the Iron Heart quick release which offers a fast, safe, and easy punch out with a low release force. Rig it as recommended with the standard release mode to instantly de-power the kite or in suicide mode for the advanced wake style rider. Finally, the Vario Cleat offers easy depower on demand while the adjustable bar stopper can be effortlessly positioned to suit your preference.

If you are looking for a high-performance, highly functional, customizable, comfortable, and above all safe bar, the 2017 North Trust Quad Control Bar has you covered. No matter what the conditions throw at you, you will have the situation well under control with the Quad Control Bar. De-power it, adjust the bar throw where you want it, fine tune the steering line trim, adjust the width of the bar, even change your line length, there’s no need to grab another bar, or even have another bar when this one is so versatile.


Northkiteboarding (2017)


Prolimit Seat Harness


Prolimit Harness FX


Built to be indestructible. A harness to withstand all forces which are possible in day to day school use. This specific kiteschool harness has all the top end features of our advanced models.


600 denier polyester
Soft grip handle
High bar position
Hold down strap
Neoprene cushioned legstraps
Duracore webbing
Patented PIN release
Integrated flex zones
Internal load plate Mark III



The FX is Prolimit’s trusted high support waist harness in traditional stitched technology. The high back support and low side support outline allows for the unique crouched posture that wave riders use on the wave. True 3D shaping and pre-curving keeps it comfortable and stable. The FX has the slide-in bar pad for the best protection. This is Prolimit’s wave model of choice.

Pre-shaped waist harnesses
Pre-shaping means the harnesses are not made as a flat product that has to be bent around the waist. They are ready to fit your body when new and don’t need to be broken in like a traditional harness.

3D seam shaping
3D shaping refers to the hourglass style shaping which is found in the structural layers of the harness. This shaping makes the harness fit anatomically correct and spreads the load for ultimate comfort and not unwanted movement no matter which direction the load is applied.

Superior fit and comfort
The fit is guaranteed by using the correct 3D anatomical model and aligns the harness surface with the body surface. This means no loaded edges and no unsupported sections in side the perimeter of the harness structure. Even load spread equals comfort.

Prolimit’s unique belt system
We use a neoprene based belt system. This is an improvement on the industry standard of elastic belts.


  • Pre-curved and 3D shaped
  • 4 Point connected Neoprene belt
  • Wave optimised outline profile
  • Integrated flex zones
  • Patented Pin Release bar System
  • Slide in Barpad for no ride-up

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