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The  Hydro Anti-Weed Freeride / Freeerace fin is a major upgrade for riders windsurfing in weed filled and shallow water. Building upon our experience with our anti-weed ranges we developed a freeride fin which enables recreational riders to sail in shallow and weed filled waters with more confidence and increased speed. The result is a anti-weed freeride fin which slices through the thickest of weed and kelp and keeps you sailing when the water is shallow. The foil design helps to get you planing earlier and charges upwind. With increased control and confidence which this fin delivers be ready to windsurf faster than ever before. This fin has been optimized for comfort and speed on the straights and around the jibes. The foil and outline shares some of the same DNA as our racing line.The Hydro Freeride anti-weed fin sits seamlessly into the collection between the racing and freewave ranges.


Earlier Planing From a Weed Freeride Fin:
The powerful base and foil section enables riders to get planing earlier even with less than perfect technique. We also wanted to make sure that we added a little extra upwind performance compared to other weed fins available.
Higher Top End Speed From a Weed Freeride Fin:
We developed an extremely fast foil for the Hydro, but that is only one aspect of top end speed. To be able to reach your maximum velocity you need to be in complete control and free of weeds. We are lucky to live and test in Maui which has some of the most challengingly choppy conditions for freeride and slalom sailing however with the absence of weeds we worked closely with riders in weed filled and shallow waters to complete our rigorous testing. The end result is the easiest to sail weed fin available today.
EQCM Sizing Makes Fin Choice Easier:
Windsurfing should be easy! The Equivalent Centimeter Sizing (EQCM) enables you to switch between regular and weed fins with ease. No need to adjust, if you use a 40cm fin normally in non-weed locations just pick the 40 EQCM size of the Hydro.
Enhanced & Smooth Jibes:
Jibing is one of the most fun aspects of windsurfing but also one of the most challenging. We increased the rake of the tip to enhance control and added twist helps to smooth out the corners. The powerful foil keeps you planing and if you do loose speed a few pumps against the fin and off you go!
Freeride Fin Construction:
Durability and performance are both equally as important to us. There is no point having a well designed fin only for it to break quickly. Similarly there is no point designing a great fin and then making out of cheaper materials to save money. Some manufacturers even change their foil design so that it can be accommodated by thinner (and yes cheaper) sheets of G10, that does not make sense to Black Project. By utilizing our Black Ed. G10 (in whatever the thickness we need to optimize performance) in the production of this freeride / freerace fin you get both performance and quality. Durability does not only come construction, we develop fins which are durable and safe by design and then build them out of the finest quality materials.

Hydro Weed Freeride Fin Overview:

  • 45° leading edge for shedding thick sea grass and kelp.
  • EQCM sizing, choose the same size as you would with a regular fin.
  • Designed for freeride/freerace performance in shallow and weed filled water.
  • Extremely fast & forgiving Hydro foil.
  • Solid G-10 base for maximum strength
  • Available in PB or TT base
  • Black Ed. G10 for enhanced performance & durability
  • Protective foam cover
SIZE (eqcm / depth) BOX AREA (cm2) SAIL SIZE (m) BOARD SIZE (ltr)
35.0 / 27.2 Power Box / Tuttle 345 6.0 – 7.0 90 – 105
37.5 / 29.0 Power Box / Tuttle 370 6.5 – 7.5 95 – 120
40.0 / 30.8 Power Box / Tuttle 395 7.0 – 8.0 110 – 125
42.5 / 32.6 Power Box / Tuttle 420 7.5 – 8.5 115 – 130
45.0 / 34.3 Power Box / Tuttle 445 8.0 – 9.0 120 – 135
47.5 / 36.1 Power Box / Tuttle 470 8.5 – 9.5 125 – 140

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