2019 Starboard Formula 177


Course Race Board




Compared to the previous generation the bullet nose is 2cm lower to improve aerodynamics, add more control and create a smoother transition into planing. The cutaways are 2cm longer to improve top-end speed and generate more lift from the fin. Thicker, boxier rails improve upwind performance and increase the rider’s leverage over the board for more power.

Ready to Foil.


The official Formula Experience equipment package. Formula experience is the only 100% planing one-design sailing class, with races possible in the widest range of wind and water conditions.

Ready to Foil.


The planing surface remains wide between the front and back footstraps to increase lift, allow the board to get planing early and reduce drag in light winds.


Both the Formula One and 177 features cut-away shapes with deep side cuts that reduces the wetted area, improves acceleration onto the plane, upwind tracking, top end speed and allows for a freer ride. On the Formula 177 we found that making the cut aways 2cm longer improved top-end speed by reducing the wetted surface area and allowing the fin to generate more lift.


The Formula One uses our Bullet Nose design with a low angle of attack for less nose drag, easier and quicker acceleration out of jibes and back on the plane. The flat in the rocker is 90cm long for maximum accelerations in all conditions.
The lowered mast track improves control and makes your rig position more vertical, which helps to hold your board down and maintain mast foot pressure.

On the Formula 177 the Bullet Nose rocker has been lowered by 2 cm this year for improved aerodynamics, more control at high speeds and a smoother transition into planing. Same thickness as the previous model to maintain high wind control.


Thicker, boxier rails throughout improve upwind performance and increase the rider’s leverage over the board for more power and lift.


The bottom shape is flat Vee tail, merging into a double concave forward. This brings speed and comfort in all racing conditions.


Deck concave and recessed mast track for a more vertical sailing position while closing the gap between the sail and the deck of the board. The camel bump deck shape in the tail provides back foot grip and more power, an advantage after every tack and jibe as you pump quicker and accelerate away from competitors faster.


The Formula 177 and the Formula One are both ready to foil now. The fin box is reinforced to withstand heavier loads associated with foiling. It uses thick, high-density PVC sheets and thick carbon fibre walls.

Models Formula 177 Formula One
Technologies Carbon Reflex 3DX
Volume 177 l 177 l
Length 227 cm 228 cm
Width 100.5 cm 100.5 cm
Tail Width 84.6 cm 84.3 cm
Thickness 14.5 cm 12.4 cm
Bottom Shape Flat Vee to Double Concave Flat Vee to Double Concave
Footstraps Rows 1 1
Fin Drake Race 70
Recommended Fin 70 cm 70 cm
Recommend Foil Race & Race Foil Pro Race & Race Foil Pro
Finbox Foil Box Foil Box
Fin Range 62 – 70 cm 62 – 70 cm
Sail Range 7.8 – 12.5 m2 7.8 – 12.5 m2
Weight Carbon Reflex 9.7 kg
Weight 3DX 11.7 kg



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