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The ultra-allrounder: thruster, quad or twin, the UltraKode is the dream waveboard by the Dream Wave Team. Four lightweight Starboxes and one lightweight US box weigh the same as three regular fin boxes, so versatility doesn’t come at a price.

The two smallest sizes (7276) are designed by Mark and Jaeger Stone.

The four largest sizes (869399105) are designed by Dany Bruch and PWA Champion Philip Koster.

The UltraKode 80 is a merger of the two groups, utilizing the outline of the bigger boards with the rocker and bottom shape of the smaller models. The 2018 model has new fin box positions matching the 72 and 76.

The choice of Jaeger Stone, Dany Bruch, Sarah-Quita Offringa and PWA Wave World Champions Philip Koster, Daida and Iballa Moreno.



“Sixteen years ago I started sailing and shaping sailboards. I struggled with the sailboard designs at the time: single fins with no tail rocker.

Through a meeting I had with Michi Schweiger he gave me a thought that ignited the answer for me – the flat in the rockerline forces you where to stand. From this I went home and started adding tail kick to the boards, but as a single fin, upwind and sailing ability was a struggle. The answer was to add the small thruster fins in the front, compensating for the tail kick and allowing great sailing ability once again. Initially drag was a big issue but the front thruster fins just needed small adjustments. With curve under my back foot and speed under my front it enabled my surfing style to work in sync with the board. We had a board that loved the bottom turn and you could focus purely on a grippy top turn. It all came together and the surfing sailboard was born.”


The UltraKodes 86, 93, 99 and 105 are supplied with a set of the new MFC TF thruster fins that are more impact resistant and with better flex.

The Jaeger Stone models (72, 76 and 80) are sold with Jaeger’s signature Stone Surf G-10 thruster fins by Drake.


Comes with four lightweight Starbox and one US box, and plugs to close off any unused boxes.

The Starbox system allows you to fit Slot Box fins in five seconds each while remembering your last setting to get you on the water faster. It is also compatible with US box fins.


When comparing the UltraKode’s outline to previous generation generations Kode Waves, it is shorter, with slightly more volume in the squash-tail.

Compared to the previous generations Quads, the UltraKode is again much shorter, with a wider nose and shoulders.


The UltraKodes feature 10mm thick footpads with a new diamond grooving pattern that provides grip and comfort over extended sessions while being more resistant to wear-and-tear.

They come with a new generation of Drake Deluxe straps, where the top cover is made from recycled plastic bottles, in partnership with Waste2Wear. The Drake footstraps are strong and comfortable with strap-size indicators for easy adjustments. 


The UltraKodes are available in our new carbon construction designed for the lightest weight but also the lowest carbon footprint.

At 86 kg of CO2 emissions for a 117 liter board, Carbon L.C.F. is our most environmentally-friendly board yet, using bio resin and our exclusive end-grain Balsa sandwich core.


The Carbon Reflex construction is our lightest, most exclusive and limited edition flagship construction using the lightest biaxial carbon.

They offer more feel, more responsiveness and more flex than conventional boards. The Carbon Reflex is limited in stock, built to order with a four month delivery lead time.


Also available for 2018 are limited editions Pro Models from Boujmaa Guilloul and Kevin Pritchard, celebrating their successes on the International Windsurfing Tour and Aloha Classic.
Model UltraKode 72 UltraKode 76 UltraKode 80 UltraKode 86 UltraKode 93 UltraKode 99 UltraKode 105
Technology Carbon L.C.F. Carbon L.C.F. Carbon L.C.F. Carbon L.C.F. Carbon L.C.F. Carbon L.C.F. Carbon L.C.F.
Volume 72 76 80 86 93 99 105
Length 217 cm 219 cm 223 cm 224 cm 226 cm 230 cm 234 cm
Width 53.5 cm 55 cm 58 cm 59 cm 61 cm 62.5 cm 65.5 cm
Tail Width 36.5 cm 36.7 cm 37.1 cm 37.1 cm 38.6 cm 39.7 cm 41.2 cm
Thickness 11 cm 11.3 cm 11.4 cm 12.4 cm 12.5 cm 12.1 cm 12.3 cm
Bottom Shape (Tail to Nose) Vee Round to Double Concave Vee Round to Double Concave Double Concave to Mono Concave Double Concave to Mono Concave Double Concave to Mono Concave Double Concave to Mono Concave Double Concave to Mono Concave
Footstrap Rows 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Fins 2 x Stone Surf Sides 11 + Stone Surf 18 2 x Stone Surf Sides 11 + Stone Surf 18 2 x Stone Surf Sides 11 + Stone Surf 19 2 x MFC TF 12 + MFC TF 18 2 x MFC TF 12 + MFC TF 19 2 x MFC TF 12 + MFC TF 20 2 x MFC TF 12 + MFC TF 21
Finbox 4 x StarBox + US Box 4 x StarBox + US Box 4 x StarBox + US Box 4 x StarBox + US Box 4 x StarBox + US Box 4 x StarBox + US Box 4 x StarBox + US Box
Fin Range 10 – 19 10 – 21 11 – 18 11 – 19 11 – 20 11 – 21 11 – 22
Sail Range 3.0m² – 5.0m² 3.3m² – 5.3m² 3.5m² – 5.5m² 3.7m² – 5.7m² 4.0m² – 6.0m² 4.5m² – 6.5m² 4.5m² – 6.5m²
Weight (Carbon L.C.F.) 6.10 kg 6.30 kg 6.40 kg 6.60 kg 6.80 kg 7.00 kg 7.20 kg

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72l L.C.F Carbon, 76l L.C.F Carbon, 80l L.C.F Carbon, 86l L.C.F Carbon, 93l L.C.F Carbon, 99l L.C.F Carbon, 105l L.C.F Carbon, 72l Reflex Carbon, 76l Reflex Carbon, 80l Reflex Carbon, 86l Reflex Carbon, 93l Reflex Carbon, 99l Reflex Carbon, 105l Reflex Carbon


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