2018 Starboard Avanti


Big Guy Surf



Starboard “invented the wide ride” … thin rails on wide boards.
More performance. More stability. More waves.

Entry level to intermediate riders. 

Stable shapes for wave riding.

Sizes 10’0″ and above also for cruising. 


Key Features

Wide nose and tail for stability, 3/4 EVA Deck pad. Selected Pine Tek boards with extra fin boxes for windsurfing.

11’2″ x 36″ Avanti Fun and easy glide, an incredibly stable board for heavier or multiple riders to cruise and surf.


Target Rider

Stable shapes for heavier riders up to 130 kg down to shorter board for lighter riders at 85 kg for more progressive wave riding.


The Surf and Cruise Composite range is available in: Carbon Balsa, Pine Tek, Starlite, Starshot, ASAP, Starlite WAVE.

Fins: Supplied with US center box and FCS side fin boxes. Thruster setup supplied with Balsa Core fins for Carbon Balsa and Pine Tek; Balsa Core center fin and Black net positive side fins for Starlite and Starlite Wave; Black net positive fins for Starshot and ASAP.






Model 11’2″ x 36″
Length 11’2″
336.4 cm
Width 36″
91.6 cm
Thickness 4.8″
12.3 cm
Tail width 19.2″
48.9 cm
Volume 239 L
Rider Weight 65-130 kg
Fin Set Up Thruster
Fins Center: 170
ASAP: 6 3/4″
Side: 5.5″
Weight Carbon Balsa
11.10 kg (Est)
Pine Tek
14.04 Kg (Est)
12.70 kg (Est)
13.71 kg (Avg)
Bottom Shape Mono-Concave nose to V with double concave to tail concave



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