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The new S_TYPE SL using the NO.COMPROMISE.DESIGN can safely be called the perfect blend. Comfort combined with the most successful race slalom sails in our history. Therefore Kai Hopf has paired the balanced handling and comfort of the S_TYPE with the brute power of the WARP. This means: Outstanding power on all courses, which thanks to the integration of the new NO.COMPROMISE.DESIGN is effortless to achieve. Most striking is the extremely tapered mast sleeve in the new AERO.SLEEVE.DESIGN 2.0. Its width in the aerodynamically important boom area permits the ideal transition from the “thick” mast front edge into the ‘thin’ sail profile.

At the top however, the mast sleeve is still kept relatively narrow to ease up water starts. This is supported by the use of the WARP F2017 LUFF.LIFT.PANEL design that provides additional lift. Regardless of whether you’re at high speed or simply cruising and jibing, the S_TYPE SL is extremely versatile. It’s an excellent universal high performance sail for many board types, as it can be sailed with 2 or 3 cambers thanks to the SWITCH.CAM.OPTION (the camber in the foot area can be removed).

Simply ingenious: All S_TYPE SL sizes work with one mast length!

Key features

  • NO.COMPROMISE.DESIGN: Guarantees an ideal mix of maximum power and forward pull without loosing stability/wind-range or becoming super physical
  • LUFF.LIFT.PANEL: super early planing and acceleration through increased profile in the upper luff
  • PROGRESSIVE.BATTEN.CONFIGURATION: batten amount depending on sail size and thus perfectly matching the range of use
  • iBUMPER: the most advanced and effective molded mast protector
  • HYPER.CAM: Again and again confirmed through magazine tests worldwide: The best rotating camber on the market
  • SWITCH.CAM.OPTION 3/2: 3 cams for max. performance – 2 cams for improved handling
  • MINIMUM.MAST.CONCEPT: One mast covers all sail sizes!
  • AERO.SLEEVE.DESIGN 2.0: maximum performance combined with fast waterstarting
  • 2 Year Warranty.


6.0 | 6.6 | 7.3 | 7.8 | 8.3 | 8.8 | 9.3


Size Boom max (cm) Luff max (cm) Vario
Camber Weight  (kg)                 Mast Type: Best//Alternative Mast Geometry: Best/Alternative Mast Length (cm): Best/Alternative
6.0 200 436 6 3><2 4.80 Platinum/Gold//Silver SDM/– 430/460
6.6 210 448 6 3><2 5.00 Platinum/Gold//Silver SDM/– 430/460
7.3 218 464 7 3><2 5.20 Platinum/Gold//Silver SDM/– 460
7.8 226 474 7 3><2 5.40 Platinum/Gold//Silver SDM/– 460
8.3 230 495 7 3><2 5.60 Platinum/Gold//Silver SDM/– 490/460
8.8 237 509 7 3><2 5.80 Platinum/Gold//Silver SDM/– 490/460+CX
9.3 244 519 7 3><2 6.00 Platinum/Gold//Silver SDM/–

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6.0, 6.6, 7.3, 7.8, 8.3, 8.8, 9.3


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