2018 Goya Mast 99% Carbon RDM


Designed for flatwater Freestyle, Freecarve and Freeride.




Made to fly. Made in the USA. 


More is less. More carbon. Less weight.  The all new Goya 99% carbon flatwater mast is designed from highest grade carbon, and lots of it. As a matter of fact if it weren’t for finish and labels there’d be little other than carbon in this mast.

Designed for flatwater Freestyle, Freecarve and Freeride, the 99% has the fastest reflex response of all Goya masts, if not all the windsurfing industry, giving enormous amounts of acceleration to any sail you rig on it. Especially the new Bounce Freestyle sail comes to life like no other on this mast. The 99% is your choice if you are looking for unsurpassable performance period. Precision engineered. Machine made. It’s center of gravity is beautifully low and last but certainly not least this mast is among the lightest on the market. We thought you’d be delighted to know.




It’s a numbers game. There’s a finite number to how stiff you can go with a carbon mast. There’s also a finite number to how stiff you actually want to go on a windsurfing mast. You see both of those numbers in front of you.


Life isn’t perfect. Good to know that your mast is. Pairing Goya’s Diagonal Flex™ technology with an all carbon flatwater mast is just about as perfect as it gets. This is the finest mast we build and have ever ridden between all team riders and designers. The Goya 99% bends to amazing curves, while Diagonal Flex™ enables the mast to twist extremely lively while in such contortions.

Make no mistake, this is not the most rigid and rugged mast in our line, it can take a beating, but you have to treat it with a little tender loving care, on the parking lot and in the water. We take the 99% out on flatwater days and bump & jump. It is not intended for use in waves. Follow those simple rules of sowing and your reaping rewards will be extraordinary.


Get A Grip

No more sliding boom. Slip Grip™ is a rough surface treatment in the boom area of all Goya Direct Drive™ masts, effectively preventing your boom from sliding up and down.


Available for individual purchase. First, you can reduce the number of masts needed to cover your range of sails, thus reducing the amount of gear to tote around. Second, mixing and matching bend curves allows you to tweak and customize the performance of your rig, a practice often overlooked and underestimated. Third, you will discover that all Goya mast tops and bottoms are interchangeable and share the same grade of pristine quality, made in the USA.

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