2017 Starboard Carve

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The iconic freeriders designed to provide maximum performance with minimum fuss.

Their length allows the Carves to plane up smoothly and effortlessly. The wide and slim profile give them wind range and stability.

To maintain volume on a wider shape, the Carves are thin while keeping dome in the tail to provide comfort for all footstrap positions, whether inboard for more maneuverability and easy planing, or outboard for more power.

The zero tail-kick rocker and elongated profile provide the easiest, smoothest entry into planing. Just hop on, sheet in and go fast., the Carves sport our new minimalist graphic design on the deck and bottom.

New 2017 Freeride Power CNC G-10 fins have a thinner tip for more speed and improved control. The upright rake and thicker base provide maximum stability and traction.

Double-layered contoured sponge pads use our new square grooving pattern for improved comfort.Fitted with the next iteration of our matching Drake Slick footstraps.

The Drake Slick straps are narrower than the Drake Wave straps and feature size indicator tabs for easy size adjustments.

The Carves use a Tuttle Box for a strong and reliable fitting of the fin

The narrower tails and cut-aways give the Carves their high top speed and ability to quickly accelerate.

The deck dome under the back foot provides grip and comfort.

The Carves feature two rows of footstrap positions: inboard for easy planing and and outboard for more power.

The Carves have a visible Carbon Innegra rail band that adds to the boards’ core structural stiffness.

The rails are thin from 90 cm all the way to the nose for a quicker, sharper entry into the jibe.

Click here to see the rails.

UltraCore Carbon is the lightest construction technology that uses Starboard’s proprietary sandwich core material that’s 30% stronger, 40% stiffer and 10% lighter than conventional PVC sandwich cores. The result are boards up to half a kilo lighter than average.

To minimize the flex between the rider’s back foot and the mast foot pressure, we’ve upgraded the UltraCore Carbon construction with two more Smart Carbon vectors on the deck.

Click here to see the new Smart Carbon vectors.

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