2017 Ride Engine Carbon Elite Harness



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Elite Series:

The Elite Series harness features a super stiff and light weight carbon fiber shell that the rest of the harness is built around. For those who want the very best in high-performance materials and construction, this is the harness for you. When compared to the Hex Core model, the Carbon Elite is slightly stiffer, lighter and more durable.

2017 Updates: • Improved waist belt with reworked spreader bar integration system

• Upgraded backplate stitching for increased durability

• Neoprene added to the interior of the waistbelt for added comfort and cushion

• Kite knife pocket added

• New sizes added: XS through XXL now available
Features:  • Hard-shell construction  • Precision fit  • Lumbar Lock • Low profile  • Fusion foam  • Integrated waist belt  • Speed-loop closure  • Kite knife pouch


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