2016 Naish Mana Series



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The Mana 8’5’’ GTW features a wide outline, wide rounded tail and full nose shape for incredible stability for a board of this length. Designed for small to average sized wave riders, it has increased tail rocker and a V bottom shape for amazingly easy carving down the line. This is a wide, stable shortboard design that performs in real world surf conditions with unbelievable ease.

The Mana 8’10” GTW features a compact surf design for lighter riders in everyday wave conditions. It fuses an exaggerated tail rocker with a wider platform for extra stability and incredible maneuverability in the surf. This compact design can fit into minivans, sport utility vehicles and station wagons.

The Mana 9’5″ GTW features an exaggerated wave design for riders who want both stability and optimum performance in medium to small size surf. It has an exaggerated tail rocker, V bottom and soft rails to make turning on a wave incredibly easy. This shape is perfect for lighter riders in small surf and bigger riders wanting more stability in a shorter wave board.

The Mana 10’0″ GTW features a wide, stable design for riders of any size wanting stability for small surf. It has an extra-wide outline for increased stability making learning and riding small waves remarkably easy. Its V bottom shape and exaggerated tail rocker also provide great turning characteristics.

The Mana 10’0” Soft Top features a full EVA deck, ultra high density EVA rails and hard bottom construction for novice paddlers who want to learn the basics of stand up paddling and advance their skills to the next level. This new Soft Top technology is safe for inexperienced paddlers and resilient to paddle scuffs and dings, while the new hard bottom provides improved gliding performance for all around cruising and catching small waves.  It is the ideal choice for new paddlers of any skill level, as well as schools and rental centers.

MANA GTW 8’5” 8’5”/256.5 301/2”/77.5 41/2”/11.4 132 US 6.5 + FCS side fins 19.8/9 Widestyle Wave
MANA GTW/GS 8’10” 8’10”/269.2 301/2”/77.5 43/8”/11.1 133 US 6.5 + FCS side fins GTW: 21.6/9.8 GS: 22.7/10.3 Widestyle Wave
MANA GTW/GS 9’5” 9’5”/287 32”/81.3 43/4”/12 163 US 6.5 + FCS side fins GTW: 22.9/10.4 GS: 24.5/11.1 Widestyle Wave
MANA GTW/GS 10’0” 10’0”/304.8 33”/83.8 43/4”/12 190 US 6.5 + FCS side fins GTW: 25/11.4 GS: 26.9/12.2 Widestyle Wave
MANA SOFT TOP 10’0” 10’0”/304.8 33”/83.8 43/4”/12 190 US 9.0 28.7/13 Widestyle Wave
MANA SOFT TOP 11’0” 11’0”/335.3 3313/16”/85.9 51/8”/13 228 US 9.0 30.8/14 Widestyle Wave
MANA SOFT TOP 11’6” 11’6”/350.5 35”/88.9









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