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the NEW MauiSails
‘K’ series masts
Design Goal
Build a stronger mast
Improve overall performance
Create a more durable construction
Bring our mast bends more in line with the rest of the windsurfing industry

We have worked hard over the past 2 years together with our mast manufacturer to develop masts that would have a combination of superior strength and maximum performance. It was agreed to achieve this we would have to slightly change our bends to a slightly stiffer bottom and more flexible top section.

After exhaustively developing and testing a great number of prototypes we found the correct balance that not only achieved our durability and performance goals in the new sails but also maintained excellent compatibility with our older sail models.

Durability was achieved by increased wall thickness in the base of the masts, combined with an additional exterior Kevlar lamination for impact resistance and load distribution. Working together with our factory engineers we found that the new construction worked optimally with a slightly more constant curve bend and that this was also giving us performance benefits.

To be clear about the changes in bend character, our Masts have traditionally had a “percent of midpoint deflection difference” between the ¼ and ¾ points of between 7% and 11%, depending on size, which according to conventional bend definition would be classified as “Hard-top-constant curve”. The new masts have a “percent of midpoint deflection difference” of between 10% and 12%, classifying them as “constant curve”.

The new masts have resulted in a number of advantages

  • The added Kevlar around the bottom sections increases strength and impact durability. Contact wear and pressure point distribution from boom clamps and cams is improved. The Kevlar also holds the vertical strands of unidirectional carbon fiber more inline, thus increasing overall durability.
  • Added stiffness in lower section helps to stabilize draft and provide more locked in feel in lower sail body, while still maintaining the characteristic light handling and soft, breathable flex response that MauiSails is known for.
  • New bend allowed for development progress, leading to improved upper wind range in TR-X race sails, through a combination of better stability down low and improved upper leech release.
  • Stricter quality controls enforced at factory leading to tighter controls of bend curves, with every production mast being bend tested and data recorded to meet the “CAB” “Certified Accurate Bend” requirements.
  • Center effort/gravity of new masts is lower down, leading to a lighter feel on the water.
  • We were very careful in developing the new bend to be not just compatible with, but to actually improve performance in previous model year sails as well. GPS and parametric testing has demonstrated speed improvements when using the new masts in previous model year race sails.
  • MauiSails masts are now more compatible with many other mainstream sail brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes the pre 2014 masts will still work well in the new sails. We have changed the bend slightly but not gone too radical. We have crossed tested sails, masts, new and old.
  • The new mast will improve performance of the older sails as well as the 2014 models.
  • The new MauiSails K series masts are a great choice for those looking for maximum performance and durability not only with MauiSails but with many other major sail brands with bends ranging from constant curve to hardtop/constant curve
The new MauiSails “K” series masts represent a confidence inspiring step forward in performance and durabil

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