This Summer, we invite you to participate in our Jumping & Freestyle Camps at Boardsports California – Coyote Point, San Mateo. Designed for any Bay Area Kiteboarders who want to up their kite game and immerse themselves in the coaching and professional instructional environment! We will group participants together with riders that are of similar skill levels. Camps run 12:30pm-6pm and include professional instruction/coaching, jetski support, video feedback, gear demos, gear discounts, and a beautiful place to hang out…and of course AFTER-KITE-BBQ!


Who Can Join Boardsports Coyote Point Kite Camp?

Any kiter riding solidly upwind who owns their own gear.

Why Join Boardsports Kite Jumping & Freestyle Camp?

For those wanting to learn to jump>

Any independent kiter who has their own equipment, rides upwind well , and has proficient kite-safety awareness can join!  It is great to start your jumping career with some key skills and techniques that will get you into good habits early…or to break old habits, and learn techniques that were missing before. These camps will increase your understanding of how/why jumping works, so every hour spent in the water afterwards will be more productive in increasing your kite skills.


For those already starting to jump who want to improve jumping technique and/or start to learn rotations>

This is for anyone who wants to improve height, hang time, style, control, and/or learn more tricks/rotations. This group will be taught advanced techniques on how to jump as high as possible, and what to do with the kite once you are airborne to get higher and land smoother. We will also work on rotation techniques, style, and freestyle tricks. We will coach each participant according to their individual skill level.


Camp Dates / 1 or 2 day*

Aug 13-14 2016

Aug 20-21 2016

12:30pm-6pm, Boardsports Shop – Coyote Point, San Mateo

*Participants may join us for 1 or 2 day camps. A discount is applied for the 2 day camp.

$299 for 1 day Camp; $549 for 2 day Camp

What’s Included

  • Professional Instruction – on land simulation and on water coaching
  • 5-1 student to instructor ratio or better
  • Jetski Support
  • Video Feedback
  • Kite Gear Demos (Kites and Boards to Demo during 2 day camp include gear optimized for either jumping or freestyle)
  • 20% off any purchase of a new 2016 kite or board purchased during the camps (higher discounts available on closeout and/or used gear) for 2 day camp attendees
  • BBQ


Camp Daily Schedule

12:30pm-1:30pm Meet and Greet, Land Clinic- group lesson on land (Land clinic changes with the different skill levels)

Each participant will share their backgrounds and goals for the camp.

We will review ride site, go over self rescue, and set / review goals for the water session.

2pm-5pm Water Session & Coaching. Practice jumping in designated coaching area. Get “on the water” feedback from jumping coach.

5pm-6pm BBQ – Eat, Drink, Relax & Debrief


Confirmation sent within 24 hours.

We do not allow cancellations or offer refunds:  In the case of inclement weather or no wind, we will contact you to reschedule your camp to another date.