We have many kiteboarding instructors working with us and are always hiring new ones! Our instructors are certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) and the Professional Air Sports Association (PASA).

Boardsports enjoys exclusive teaching rights at 2 of the best kiteboarding beach locations in the Bay Area – Crown Beach Alameda and Coyote Point Park in San Mateo.








We have side on shore winds, long sandy beaches, and shallow warm water. Learn kiteboarding at these two ideal beginner and intermediate locations where you will come back to practice on your own. We also offer a full retail shop and can outfit you with all of the kiteboarding gear including kite, bar & lines, board, helmet, harness, impact vest, board leash, knife, and wetsuit.


Rebecca and I quit our jobs to run the school and shop, and I feel very lucky to call the beach my office. I love teaching beginners in both sports as I get to see them get the thrill of riding out on the bay for the first time.

Rebecca (red rash guard)

The best thing about teaching windsurfing and kiteboarding is that they are sports everyone can learn in a short period of time. There is nothing better than being on the water.


Michael has been kiteboarding for 8 years and teaching for 3. Our kiteboarding guru is excited to get you into the sport. Not only is Michael a stellar teacher and instructor, he is also a black belt in karate.


Jesse came to our school to learn windsurfing. Then he learned  kiteboarding.  Now he teaches both sports! He is a very enthusiastic instructor as his passion runs deep. He was also in the Coast Guard, so you will be in great hands for your lesson!


Ella has been kiting for 6 seasons and teaching for 4. Ella’s riding and teaching skills are stellar and she can often be spotted in local competitions. She’s also the go-to instructor if you’re looking for lessons in French.


Matt and his dad came to learn kiting from us a few years back. He immediately got hooked and had a history of teaching other sports so decided to share his love for kiteboarding with other students.



Sontian has been teaching with us for several years. He loves giving students a solid foundation into kiteboarding.


Charlie has been kiteboarding for 8 years and teaching for 4. He loves leading at our kite clinics in San Francisco. When he’s not teaching and kiting at Crissy Field, Charlie is busy working on the next Lucas film!


Tim is a great and devoted instructor who is ready to pass on his knowledge and get you up and riding. He took lessons with us a few years ago and fell in love with kiting…and could not resist sharing that passion with others by teaching.


Kirsten’s enthusiasm for kiting is contagious. She loves to teach and her excitement helps students to feel positive and excited about the sport.


Joe just moved to the Bay Area from Wisconsin, where he taught snow kiting and windsurfing. He has been kiting for 6 years and teaching for 3. He loves teaching beginners and seeing them get psyched to get up on the board.


Bruce has been kiting for 5 years and teaching for 4. He’s stoked to be sharing the thrill of kiteboarding!


When Mike isn’t teaching or hanging with us in Alameda or San Mateo, you’ll find him hitting it BIG on the coast in the waves. He’s been kiting for over 8 years, and is always psyched to be getting others into the sport and sharing his passion. His British accent and his 6’5″ frame will give him away at the beach.


I’ve been kiting for 7 years and teaching for 6. I have taught sports for years, but especially love teaching kiting because of how psyched people get (giddy like little kids) when they get the rush of kiteboarding.


Kiteboarding is the sport on which I measure all other sports. Once you get it you will rearrange your life to accommodate riding. There is no better bang for your buck than kiteboarding.


Not only is Benjamin a stellar kiteboarder and instructor, he just got his PhD in mathematics at Berkeley! Did we mention he teaches gymnastics as well? Benjamin’s been kiting for over 6 years, teaching for 4 years, and will often be one of the last kiters to leave the H2O.


Peter is a kind, gentle soul from Australia, with years of teaching experience. He has a natural passion for teaching, and his patience helps students ease into kiteboarding. When he is not teaching, he is ripping it up like the youngins! He has been teaching with us for 4 years.