Top 10 Reasons to Buy @ Boardsports

  1. Equipment Expertise & Service: Kiting, Windsurfing, and Stand Up Paddling can be complex sports from an equipment standpoint. We can help you with product knowledge, gear reviews, and rider type knowledge (what size kite/sail/board works best for each type of rider and which riding location). We will also show you how to set it up and tune it properly.
  2. Gear Demos: We demo equipment at all of our locations. This allows you to really know what you are getting and know how much you like it!
  3. Have Somewhere to Buy Accessories When You Need Them Most: When something breaks when you are out kiting, windsurfing, or paddling,  you can’t buy a quick replacement online. If everyone shops online, the local shops go out of business and you have no where to go when the wind rocks, but you’re missing a part. We will do our best to match online prices, so you get a good deal from us too!
  4. Instant Gratification: For the SF Bay Area residents – when you are psyched to buy gear, why wait to receive it? Buy from us so you can walk away with gear in hand.
  5. Buying Power Discounts: The more you buy from us, the more of a discount we can give you.
  6. Warranty Support: If you have any issues with your gear, we shop can help support your warranty. That saves you the trouble of dealing with shipping your gear off to some far away place, and waiting for it to be fixed.
  7. Safety Knowledge: Our Boardsports Team is a great resource for helping you to stay safe. We know the local conditions (or can help you understand what safety gear you need for your local riding spot) and can outfit you with the right safety gear (knife, strobe light, whistle, spare line, etc.). Do you know how to perform a self rescue when you get in a jam? Let us help keep you informed and outfitted for safety.
  8. Swap Meets: We host swap meets every season. This is a great way to buy inexpensive used gear. We usually have a special sale going on at the same time.
  9. Repair Services: We can help you with all of your gear repair needs. We sell repair products for all three sports, and have a network of repair services for board repair, kite repair, sail repair, and wetsuit repair.
  10. Feel Good Supporting A Business That You Like: Our mission is to assure that you enjoy your buying experience from start to finish. We will interview you to assess your needs, and then recommend the appropriate gear for what you are looking for. We want to make sure you are happy after you walk away with your new toys, so rest assured your continued satisfaction is our joint goal! We hope you enjoy working with our entire team, so you feel that you can think of us to not only get the best service, but also get the best prices!


“Like most people, I looked online for prices and deals on kite equipment. I decided to buy my gear through Boardsports School & Shop and I’m so happy I did. They gave me a free rig session including how to rig my new kite, how to tune it, and how to care for it. They also showed me how to be comfortable launching and landing at the crowded beach. The info and help I received was invaluable.

Thank you Boardsports!” – Tedd Paff, Boardsports School & Shop Customer


“I live over 4 hours away from this shop…..but I was searching for a new stand up paddle board and was a having a difficult time tracking one down or getting any help. I was calling shops from So-cal up to the Bay. These shops wouldn’t even return my calls and one guy didn’t even seem like he wanted to sell me a board and kept calling me “Bro” and “Dude” (I think he got hit on the head too many times by a longboard). I searched and found Jane at Boardsports. I called her up to see if they had the board I wanted in stock. They did not but she called the company and got one shipped to me in four days! Excellent service, very friendly, highly recommended! I hope to one day make it down and visit Jane and Rebecca and catch a few waves.

Excellent Service!”‎ – Stephen, Boardsports School & Shop Customer


“Informative and care about getting it right. So hard to find women’s gear. I was on the east coast beginning my search. None of the board shops I went into had much in the way of women’s stuff, let alone the female perspective on riding. I emailed several shops but only this one understood what I was looking for. Rebecca helped me long distance to get a good fit on a women’s harness. She shipped it to me and even followed up a week later just to check in on how it fit.

The entire time our communication was incredibly fast and informative.”

Patty H. W., Boardsports School & Shop Customer


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