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  • F-One and Nobile KITE Demos Sat/Sun 5/9-10

    Join us to try out all the 2015 kite gear from F-One and Nobile! When: Sat 5/9  Forecast update, SAT 5/9 11:50am – SW Flow favored so we are doing the F-One & Nobile Kiteboarding demo in ALAMEDA TODAY 1:30pm-6pm Sun 5/10 Coyote Pt, San Mateo Forecast update, Sun 5/10 10am – NW/SW combo day, Coyote mid teens to low 20s. We will host our demo for Nobile/F-One Kite gear at Coyote Pt as planned! Time: 1pm-5pm Cost: Free to experienced kiters that are independent and riding upwind What: try out new gear, boards and kites from F-One & Nobile NobileLayerFinal F-ONE-demo-tour-KITE-800-800[1]
  • August Naish SUP Race Series August 8, 15, 22, 29

    BOARDSPORTS SCHOOL & SHOP LAUNCHES THE FIRST OF FOUR AUGUST STAND UP PADDLE RACES AT CRISSY FIELD. The race course was a trip to the yellow buoy shy of the South Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, around Blackaller buoy, around Anita Rock buoy, and back to the beach. We had 10 racers in all, paddling on everything from an 11′ Uli inflatable SUP (Michael came in 4th!) to the Laird 12′ (Jean came in 1st!). The weather was gorgeous – sunshine and warm. No wetsuits needed! See videos and pics below. Race results are noW posted on our Boardsports School & Shop website. Jesse from the Coast Guard and our beloved staff member, knows racing logistics so he helped plan the event. Pre-race group shot. Tried to get the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, fog interfering… The START! The dog definately wanted to join the race…next time! Jean approaching the beach finish in a time of approximately 25 minutes….riding a Laird 12′ and using a Powerex Sean Ordonex Paddle (visit our gear page to check it out and buy one!) Jean, leisurely walking across the finish line…he had a significant lead. Jean is no stranger to wining…check out his US Windsurfing National Championships race results from last week! Joe was not too far behind…congrats to our Boardsports Team Member for finishing 2nd!! He paddled the Naish 12′ Glide (winner of the final of the race series wins a 14′ Naish Glide and trip to Maui) and the Powerex Sean Ordonez Carbon Paddle. We have both in stock at our retail shops if you want to come demo or purchase them! Fred and Jesse at the finish. Congrats to the TOP 3 Finishers…Jean Rathle (Laird 12′), Joe Miller (Naish Glide 12′), Fred Anderson (Jimmy Lewis 11′). 4th place to Mike Acquino on the inflatable Uli 11′In 5th place, Joe’s friend Jesse from out of town…he had paddled just a couple of times before today. After the race they were going to head up to Bolinas and paddle the waves on their SUP boards. AJ, way to bring it up from the rear to finish 6th..and you didn’t even fall in! He said that he had only paddled once before today. Dean on his nice 11’2 Starboard. Karen from San Diego, on a Naish 12′ Glide…and super cool adjustable telescoping Sawyer paddle. Looking cool, calm and collect after about a 2 mile race…good job Sam! And Allen with a big smile…glad to be in to the finish line and ready for the next race. All in all a great time and lots of fun. Can’t wait for next week!! Call 415.385.1224 or visit our website to sign up. Jane
  • 2 Day Jumping & Freestyle Kite Camps – New!

    This Summer, we invite you to participate in our new Jumping & Freestyle Camps at Boardsports Shop – Coyote Point, San Mateo. Designed for any Bay Area Kiteboarders who want to up their kite game and immerse themselves in the coaching and professional instructional environment! We will group participants together with riders that are of similar skill levels. Camps will last the whole day, (10:30am-6:30pm) and include professional instruction/coaching, jetski support, video analysis, gear demos, gear discounts, and a beautiful place to hang out…and of course AFTER-KITE-BBQ! coyoteCampjumpGroup

    Who Can Join Boardsports Coyote Point Kite Camp?

    Any kiter riding solidly upwind who owns their own gear.

    Why Join Boardsports Kite Jumping & Freestyle Camp?

    For those wanting to learn to jump>

    Any independent kiter who has their own equipment, rides upwind well , and has proficient kite-safety awareness can join!  It is great to start your jumping career with some key skills and techniques that will get you into good habits early…or to break old habits, and learn techniques that were missing before. These camps will increase your understanding of how/why jumping works, so every hour spent in the water afterwards will be more productive in increasing your kite skills. jump

    For those already starting to jump who want to improve jumping technique and/or start to learn rotations>

    This is for anyone who wants to improve height, hang time, style, control, and/or learn more tricks/rotations. This group will be taught advanced techniques on how to jump as high as possible, and what to do with the kite once you are airborne to get higher and land smoother. We will also work on rotation techniques, style, and freestyle tricks. We will coach each participant according to their individual skill level. rotation

    Camp Dates / 1 or 2 day*

    July 18-19 Aug 8-9 Aug 22-23 Aug 30 (Sunday only) 10:30am-6:30pm, Boardsports Shop – Coyote Point, San Mateo *Participants may join us for 1 or 2 day camps. A discount is applied for the 2 day camp. $299 for 1 day Camp; $549 for 2 day Camp

    What’s Included

    • Professional Instruction – on land simulation and on water coaching
    • 4-1 student to instructor ratio or better
    • Jetski Support
    • Video Analysis
    • Kite Gear Demos (Kites and Boards to Demo during 2 day camp include gear optimized for either jumping or freestyle)
    • 20% off any purchase of a new 2015 kite or board purchased during the camps (higher discounts available on closeout and/or used gear) for 2 day camp attendees
    • BBQ

    Camp Daily Schedule

    10:30am-11am Meet and Greet Each participant will share their backgrounds and goals for the camp. Who are you? (anything about yourself you want to say). Why did you start Kiting? How long you’ve been kiting? What are you landing/ working on? What do you want to learn that you haven’t tried? 11am-12:30pm Land Clinic- group lesson on land (Land clinic changes with the different skill levels) 1pm-2:30pm Water time! Practice jumping in designated coaching area. Get in-water feedback from jumping coach. 2:30pm-3pm Snack/refuel if needed 3:00pm-3:30pm Additional coaching on land. Identify skills to improve. Decide next tricks/goals to practice 3:30pm-4:30pm Back in the Water! Practice New Stuff with in-water-coaching 4:30pm-5:30pm + FREE RIDE 5:00 Light the BBQ! 5:30pm-6:30pm  Eat, Drink, Relax & Debrief


    1 day $299 (either sat or sun) 2 days $549 (both sat and sun) July 18-19 / Aug 8-9 /Aug 22-23 10:30am-6:30pm, Boardsports Shop – Coyote Point, San Mateo *Participants may join us for 1 or 2 day camps. A discount is applied for the 2 day camp. $299 for 1 day Camp; $549 for 2 day Camp
    1 or 2 Day Kite Camp
    Desired Goal
    Desired Date, Height & Weight
    Cell #
    Confirmation sent within 24 hours.
    We do not allow cancellations or offer refunds:  In the case of inclement weather or no wind, we will contact you to reschedule your camp to another date.

    What to bring:

    Bring all of your kite gear, harness, wetsuit, towel, sunblock, bag lunch/snacks, warm clothes.  
  • Trip to Oregon to test Kite, Wind, and SUP Gear

    Rebecca and I spent last week up in Oregon to test out some ’09 gear and have some fun on the river and at the coast. We had a blast of a week – and got very lucky with the conditions. Here is a bit about our trip…
    Friday, August 8 – fly to Portland from SFO and drive 1 1/2 hrs to Hood River, OR
    We drove straight to Pacific Boardsports (north american distributors for Naish) to meet up with Charlie, Nick and MJ. The crew was unloading a container of ’09 goodies, but had time to stoke us out with windsurf and kite gear, and got us on our way to get a session on the river.
    Rebecca and I dropped by Big Winds to say hi and get the scoop on the forecast. They pointed us slightly east for the best wind, so we hit Doug’s Beach and they were spot on! The wind was pretty gusty and in the high 20s, but it was a perfect warm up session for sailing in the gorge. I was on a 75 ltr Naish Pro Wave and 4.2 Force and Rebecca was on a 65 ltr Naish Pro Wave and 3.7 Session. The gear was sweet and we got it dialed in for the weekend.
    Saturday Aug 9 – get up and go sailing!
    Saturday the forecast dictated we hit the road for Roosevelt (the delta of the gorge – 1 1/2 hrs drive east of Hood River). The drive along the Columbia River was gorgeous. As we got further east, we saw the wind continue to build. By the time we got there, it was gusting into the low 40s and we were wondering if we were going to be able to hang on to our 4.2/3.7 sails. We rigged up, hit the water, and lasted about 45 minutes. It was too windy and super gusty. That day got chalked up to a nice drive along the river. Here is a video clip of the conditions (notice the inside is light so winds were NW and GUSTY at Roosevelt). The little 4 year old had no trouble with his fast tack!!
    Sunday, Aug 10, get up late and go sailing!
    We slept in Sunday and had a big breakfast in our awesome Skamania Lodge room. We once again hit the road and headed to our new gorge favorite spot, Doug’s Beach. Although the launch can be a bit of work (you have to drop your gear at an opening/crossing in the rail tracks, carry it down a hill, walk back up and then go move your car). The sailing spot is sweet and worth the effort with great wind, nice ramps for jumping, and some of the smoothest swell around.
    Once we dropped off and walked down our gear, we went back to move the car and change into our wetsuits. The string of parked cars went back about 20 cars, so we pulled in and gave ourselves several car lengths of space so we could get half naked and change into our suits without being right next to our parked neighbor (who was also changing). While I was half exposed and in the process of pulling on my wetsuit, I started to hear a train approaching behind us (we were in between the road and the rail tracks). With the train approaching and the tracks just adjacent to my half naked state, I was about to be exposed to the driver. I screamed to Rebecca to quickly pass me a towel. I avoided a full flash, but the driver could not resist blowing the horn “whuuuuhhhh wooooooo”. I did not know train horns could do that. Ah, the efforts and adventures we go through to windsurf!
    Here is Rebecca enjoying our favorite session of the trip – 3 hours of solid sailing on Sunday afternoon in 28mph winds that were relatively steady.
    Monday, Aug 11, get a quick ride on the ’09 Naish Cult, then head to the coast
    Monday the forecast was for light winds, so we decided to test out the ’09 Naish Cult and then head to the Coast for our Starboard dealer meeting. We went to the Event Site and rigged up a 10.5m and a 12m. Kiting at the Gorge is a bit intimidating, especially with the crowds and the normally gusty high winds. The Event Site proved to be quite welcoming and friendly, and due to the light winds, we managed to enjoy a nice session before heading out. The new kites turned super fast and are even easier to water relaunch, so we know the “Cult” will continue to be an easy kite to love.
    We picked up Kipps, one of our windsurfing instructors, at the Portland airport Monday evening, and headed west of Portland 1 1/2 hrs. to the little town of Netart’s Bay. After a gorgeous drive, we arrived in time to catch sunset and dinner at the local Schooner Restaurant. Tuesday, Aug 12 thur Friday Aug 15 Staboard Dealer Meeting and Product DemosThe rest of the week was made up product meetings and demos. The crew at Trident Sports hosted a top notch week of fun and our hosts included Declan and Tracy (organizers extrodornaire), Scott Mckercher (2004 World Wavesailing Champion), Svein Rasmussen (owner of Starboard), Ekolu Kalama (3x champion of Molokai to Oahu SUP race), and Jim Drake (inventor of windsurfing). We all stayed in a cozy little cabins and condos at the Edgewater Inn, complete with a wood burning fireplaces and views of the breathtakingly beautiful Oregon coast. We didn’t have to get in the car all week so we got much needed respite from the trappings of city life. The most exciting stuff we heard at the meetings was about Stand Up Paddle boarding’s new explosive growth around the world. The SUP growth is bringing many of our memories back to the early days of windsurfing… when everyone was getting into it and you could see it everywhere (1 in 3 Europeans owned a windsurfer in the 80s). The promise of this new craze is to bring lots of newbies into a very easy to access sport. SUP has many cool features including a built-in awesome core workout, super easy for anyone to learn, tons of fun to cruise/tour on flat water/lakes/bays/open ocean, and easier to catch waves than regular surfing as you have that nice big paddle to help out. The new ’09 12’6″ Starboard SUP (“The Cruiser and fastest, nicest one to take out with a windsurf sail) features an optional retractable centerboard – so we can help beginner windsurfers easily make the crossover….as well as easliy get SUP entrants into windsurfing. Netart’s Bay was a perfect setting for for testing all the Starboard SUPs. I woke up early one morning, and caught a nice paddle all through the bay, complete with views of bright orange starfish and sensational bird watching (oh golly, I am getting old!). The best part of our coastal stint was catching up with other schools and shops around the country and sharing ideas for promoting windsurfing and SUP. We had a lot of fun hanging with Mark from “East of Maui” in Annapolis, MD, Mark & Steve from Big Winds, Captain Kirk from LA and Baja, Jim Ballantyne from Sailworld Cape Cod, Randy & Angela from Worldwinds Corpus Christi, TX, Simon from Toronto, Wardog from Santa Barbara/surfingsports, Pete DeKay from Windport Mag….and many others! Thanks to Naish and Starboard for such an awesome week! We’ll be back next year 🙂 Jane
  • 2016 Nobile NHP Snowkite Board Test Review – Downhill Conditions


    The NHP Snowkite is a board dedicated to be used in the snow with a kite. It’s not just a regular snowboard with a kiteboarding brand logo. When designing this model, we used all our experience and passion to develop the best performing board on the market, whether for snow or ice. You’re looking at massive pop, a versatile flex pattern and unique 20-meters progressive sidecut radius. This is the weapon of choice for all snowkiters. Our unique construction results in an insanely comfortable ride without being forced to upwind all the time, while the Nobile Snowkite provides extraordinary grip, both on toe and heel-side edge, allowing you to hold more speed, especially when going upwind. Our patented Snake Transition offers tons of control and response, even on icy and hardpack conditions, while still maintaining a fun flex. This board is also just as happy being used as a regular snowboard for those days when the wind isn’t playing ball. nobile nhp snowkite FEATURES: * Snowkiting dedicated twin-tip * 20m side-cut * Maximum carving performance and edge-to-edge response * Massive POP and extraordinary control Sizes: 148 157 164

    Nick’s Review:

    Here is a review from one of our customers in Colorado who was curious to try the Nobile NHP Snowkite board in regular snowboarding / downhill conditions. His review reveals that the Nobile is a great board not just for snowkiting, but also for regular snowboarding! snowkiteNobile

    1st: Nick inspects the board’s shape and describes unique attributes: 

    The Nobile has a reduced side cut angle to help keep it from edging upwind too much when kiting. The more dramatic the side cut angle, the easier it is to initiate and make sharper turns on the slopes.  So you would think a reduced sidecut would be harder to turn. Another feature that I noticed and had not seen advertised much was a wavy edge profile on the bottom of the board towards the center where the riders feet are. I think they call it the Snake Transition, but its not given much explanation on the site. You can’t see it looking directly over the board from the top, but if you look at it from the side you can see the wave pattern and you can definitely feel it when you run your hand along the bottom.  I believe this wave pattern helps grip the hardpack snow, frozen lake ice when kiting and groomed slopes. There are two other companies who use the same type of concept except their bottoms are smooth and the waves edge flares out on the sides, so you can see it looking strait down over the board. They call it “magna-traction” and its used on Lib-Tech and GNU snowboards.

    2nd: Nick chooses boards to ride side by side with the Nobile, based on it’s unique attributes:

    So given those two features that seemed to be the most dominant things affecting the Nobiles performance. I chose two boards to ride side by side that would help me get a feel for differences in the features on the slopes. Both boards were shorter than the Nobile, but they were all the same width at 26.5 mm. The first was an old Lamar XWide 159 Directional twintip. This board has a very deep side cut so I chose it to compare to the Nobile reduced sidecut. The second was a 2016 GNU Smart Pickle 159 Wide twintip with Magna-Traction edge. The MT edge has a pretty strong following in snowkiting here because of the grip it has on the ice with the kite. It’s not designed for kiting so the sidecut is more pronounced than the Nobile. I thought it would be good to compare the MT edge to the Nobile wave bottom.

    3rd: Nick’s Board Test & Review:

    I was at Eldora, it’s 30 minutes outside Boulder and is known for less than ideal conditions because it’s so close to the foothills.  The conditions were mostly packed powder and 70% of the runs were groomed. We had a big snow several days before so some of the less traveled blacks were still somewhat powdery.
    Here’s what I thought:
    Turning: The Lamar with the increased sidecut did turn better and sharper but I feel the Nobile felt more stable and grippy than the GNU with the MT edge.  On the Nobile I was able to carve easily on hardpack groomed surfaces as well as what powder was left. I think that wavy bottom really made a difference on the hardpack.
    Stability: The Nobile felt more stable at higher speeds than either of the other boards. It might have been the extra 5 cm of length but it was noticeably more stable.
    Speed: This was the only area that the Nobile fell a little short.  Both the other boards were faster. I had another guy with me testing them so we were able to compare speeds on the different boards. I gave him an extra pair of my boots and was running the same bindings on all boards.  I had freshly waxed and tuned the other two boards, the Nobile was fresh out of the box so if it’s not pre waxed at the factory that could have been the reason.  I’m going to wax and tune it before the next time out and see if it makes a difference.
    Overall: So far, I’m really surprised by the Nobile. I’ve known we were moving the shop out here for a while and had been looking at it online since then. On their website they threw in that last sentence stating that it could be used on the slopes too and I wondered if that was just something they were saying to sell boards.  The day we tested it, the Nobile was the one I had the most fun on.
    Thanks to Nick for sending us your test ride experience! Check out the board on our online store.
  • Boardsports Voted “Best Surf Shop” for 2013!

    Thank you to all of our loyal customers for voting for us in the San Francisco City Voter Best of the Bay List. We are very grateful to earn this award and strive to continually deliver top notch service, lessons, retail choices, and overall fun at our Boardsports Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, and Stand Up Paddle School & Shop. Visit our testimonials page for more details on our recent win 🙂


    BEST Surf Shop

  • Naish / North Kiteboarding Demos May 19-20


    • Demo ’17 Naish / North kite gear

    • Intro to FOIL boarding Clinic

    • Self Rescue Clinic

    • BBQ

    Cost: Free to experienced kiters that are independent and riding upwind


    • Friday 5/19 – Boardsports hosted at 3rd Avenue Foster City 4pm-7pm

      • Self Rescue Clinic 4pm-4:30pm

      • Intro to Foil Clinic 4:300m-5pm (land based)

    • Saturday 5/20 – Boardsports Coyote Point San Mateo 2pm-6pm

      • Self Rescue Clinic 2pm-2:30pm

      • Intro to Foil Clinic 2:30pm-3pm (land based)

      • Free BBQ 5pm

    Check our FB and TW pages for live updates, pics, and video of the demo events

  • Blade FAT LADY Kite Demo Alameda Sunday 8/7

    Join us to try out the 2016 Blade FAT LADY 17m Kite

    When: Sun 8/7 Where: Boardsports Alameda Time: 1pm-5pm Cost: Free to experienced kiters that are independent and riding upwind What: try out the ultimate light wind high performance kite from Blade. “The Fat Lady does it again! This is by far one of the best kites this year! I owned the previous model and loved it to death. Turns even faster this year, probably the fastest turning 17m I’ve ever flown and it works great in all conditions with an amazing wind range,” Clint Sterba. Read more at The Kiteboarder Magazine Review of the Fat Lady BLADE-FAT-LADY-LW-GEAR-REVIEW-2015-02
  • Naish Kite Demo

    Come check out all of the 2012 Naish Kites and Boards. Nick Stuart is in town with the mother load Naish RV! He will be loaded up with all the goodies. Come try out anything and everything. When: Fri/Sat/Sun 5/25-27 Where: Locations Announced HERE and on FaceBook, Twitter, and Forums ( and Bay Area Kiteboarding) based on best wind but will include Alameda & 3rd Ave What: 2012 Naish Kites (Torch, Bolt, Park) and Boards (all of ’em, twin tips and surf boards)
  • Summer Kids Camps – Windsurfing

    Are you planning for your kids summer sports camps? How about windsurfing kids camps! We offer kids camps throughout the summer for ages 7-12 at both Alameda and San Mateo. You can also sign up your children for 1 on 1 private lessons. We recommend our private lessons for kids ages 4-6!