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  • Naish Kite Demo

    Come check out all of the 2012 Naish Kites and Boards. Nick Stuart is in town with the mother load Naish RV! He will be loaded up with all the goodies. Come try out anything and everything. When: Fri/Sat/Sun 5/25-27 Where: Locations Announced HERE and on FaceBook, Twitter, and Forums ( and Bay Area Kiteboarding) based on best wind but will include Alameda & 3rd Ave What: 2012 Naish Kites (Torch, Bolt, Park) and Boards (all of ’em, twin tips and surf boards)
  • Naish Kiteboarding Demo 5/20-22

    Naish Kiteboarding Demo 5/20-22


    Friday 5/20, Boardsports Alameda, 1pm-6pm (posted/updated Friday 8:42am)

    Friday 5/20 Alameda forecast:  West winds 18-25

    Saturday 5/21, Crissy Field, SF 2pm-6pm

    ***Saturday 5/21 – we will be headed down to Crissy Field.  

    Sunday 5/22 location tbd, check back here and on our FB and TW pages


    Cost: Free to experienced kiters that are independent and riding upwind

    What: try out new gear, boards and kites from NAISH NaishLayerSlider 2016_naish-pivot_yellowblue 2016_naishfusionatb_2 NaishAction2
  • Rent the Starboard TANDEM Windsurf Board in Alameda

    Windsurfing just got to be twice as much fun! Come out to our Alameda facility and rent the 2009 Starboard Gemini. This is a wide style tandem board that allows you to have twice the fun! Now you can have those conversations with someone else while sailing (as opposed to talking to yourself all day!). Rebecca and I tried sailing tandem while down in Mexico, and had a blast. Jibing is a trip without luggage! This is great form of entertainment for beginners, advanced sailors, and families with kids. I plan to sail it with Rebecca and my dog Zoe! I get the back seat Rebecca!!! (we recommend you put the shorter more durable sailor in front). Here is the review from Windsurfing Magazine> Test date: 9/18 Location: Merritt Island, Florida Wind: 4-9 mph, 8-14 mph Water conditions: Mild wind chop Tester(s): Josh Sampiero, with Eddy Patricelli and Sean Sullivan Level: Advanced, expert, advanced Weights: 220 lbs., 180 lbs., 140 lbs. Yes, it really is that big – the Starboard Gemini tandem board. Starboard Gemini Volume: 350 liters Length: 372 cm Width: 101 cm Fin: 70 cm Sail size: 2.0-10.0 m First take • It’s big. Real big. It dwarfs any other windsurfing board I’ve ever seen – and takes up as much floor space as a small sailboat. There’s no question it’s going to be stable – but can something that big actually be fun to sail? • It’s a good thing the board is designed for two people – because it almost takes two people just to carry the thing. • Long Formula-type fin, with a relatively normal-size centerboard. The Gemini has three mast tracks – two for tandem and one in the middle for solo sailors. Full EVA deck is soft and easy on the feet or knees – good for beginners. First sesh – light winds I climbed on for my first tandem experience with veteran tandem windsurfer Eddy Patricelli. The first rule of tandem sailing is that the heavier guy always goes in back, so I got in the pilot’s position and Eddy took shotgun. The 70 cm fin made getting away from shore a little tricky, but once we were going, it was easy sailing. • The board floated our combined 400 pounds of weight with ease – I’m betting it could take more if needed. If there was ever a board made for an NFL offensive lineman, this is it. • Sailing – In light winds it’s stable, but not a particularly fast light-air cruiser. Just sailing along is no difficult feat, but synchronized pumping definitely requires some practice. We tried kicking the centerboard up to get planing but no luck – there just wasn’t enough wind. • Headed upwind, then downwind, with no problem. The board turns slowly, as expected, but steering is fairly intuitive – it works just like any other board you’ve ever sailed. Tacking and jibing is a dance that requires communication and timing. The sailor in front leads, and the sailor in back follows. It’s a little tricky at first, but once you’ve got the timing down, it’s a breeze. Remember to duck! Second sesh – more wind, less weight When the wind came up later in the afternoon, I grabbed WindSurfing’s featherweight board tester Sean Sullivan to introduce him to the thrills of tandem sailing. With some bigger sails and our reduced combined weight, would we get the big board on a plane? You bet! • Getting onto a plane is fairly simple. Bear off, kick up the centerboard and away you go. Though the Gemini has Formula board width, its length means it slowly climbs onto a plane, rather than popping up quickly like a shortboard. • As far as I know, there’s no tonnage rule in windsurfing – but this board might inspire one. Once you’re up and planing, steering is certainly possible, but it didn’t happen fast. Fortunately, other sailors tended to give the Gemini a pretty wide berth. • After a few runs, Sean and I are in perfect harmony. We bear off onto a plane, then move into the straps at the same time. Transitions are initiated with a simple “1, 2, 3” countdown. Since I’m using a 10-meter sail in the back, we stick mostly to tacks, though jibes – slow, not planing – were possible, too. We’d definitely want some more time sailing the board, preferably with smaller sails, before going for a full-speed jibe. Although I didn’t have a GPS, we were able to attain some pretty impressive speeds, almost keeping up with other sailors on normal windsurfing gear. Boujmaa Guillol (front) and Eric Girard enjoy having room for two on the Starboard Gemini. Conclusions This is serious fun! The best part of sailing a tandem isn’t the actual windsurfing – it’s having company while you’re doing it. Windsurfing can be such a lonely sport when you’re out on the water, you forget how much fun it is to enjoy the company of others. Plus, there’s a thrill to working in concert with another windsurfer – and getting the massive board powered up on a plane is a blast. Starboard is marketing the Gemini as bringing a wide-board, early planing shape to tandem windsurfing boards – and I think it’s succeeded. With enough sail power and moderately skilled riders, the Gemini will get going in a relatively light breeze – it had Sean and me planing in 10-14 knots. The biggest drawback to the Gemini is that its sheer size isn’t very practical – it’s not going to fit in most vans, and probably isn’t very easy to get on the roof racks, so it’s not something you just bring along for a day at the beach. Its long fin might be limiting for some locations, but it is offered with a shallow-water fin (we did not have a chance to test the board with it). But as a board for windsurfing schools, or as something to keep at the family lake house, it’s pretty tough to beat – a tandem board will provide hours of endless fun no matter the wind conditions. The coolest aspect of the Gemini? How quickly it will create new windsurfers. A tandem board allows complete newbies to experience the thrill of sailing without the common frustrations of learning. They can watch and imitate you while getting instant feedback from the board – minus the shouting.
  • Naish Crissy SUP Rec Race Series Saturdays in August, 10am

    NAISH 2009 SUP CHAMPIONSHIPS for AUGUST Every Saturday (Aug 8 start) 10am at Crissy Field (in photo, MJ from Pacific Boardsports (Naish), Rebecca (Boardsports Owner), Nick (Naish) Naish is pleased to introduce a weekly Recreational Race Series that will be held in 10 to 15 Cities across the US and Canada between now and August 31st. The series will include both men’s and women’s classes, and boards will be restricted to 12’6” and under to provide a level playing field, and keep the event centered around the surf culture. Boardsports School & Shop will be hosting the San Francisco Series every Saturday morning at Crissy Field. The top 3 men and women from each city will be invited to compete with racers from across North America for the Championship race in San Diego, CA on September 13th, 2009. The races are designed to be fun for paddlers of all levels, with the goal of increasing the visibility of the sport. The general format is as follows: Series Length: 4 Weeks total duration, Every Sat (Aug 8 start) in August 10am at Crissy Course: Course Race around Anita Rock and western buoy Length: Races will typically last 30 to 45 Minutes Divisions: Men, Women Entry Fee: $20 Series, $5 Race Equipment: Race entrants bring their own SUP boards. Board rentals are available with advance reservation from Boardsports School & Shop. Contact info below to sign up. Jane — Boardsports School & Shop Alameda – San Mateo – San Francisco Voted “Best of the Bay” 415.385.1224
  • F-One Kiteboarding Demo Sat/Sun 4/28-29 @ 3rd Ave

    We will be out at 3rd Avenue this coming weekend to demo all the 2010 F-One Bandit III kites and F-One Boards. Come ride some new stuff and check it out!
  • Matt Pritchard Clinic / Demo / BBQ Aug 2-3

    Pro Windsurfer Matt Pritchard is coming to town! Come join us at Boardsports School & Shop @ Coyote Point, San Mateo on August 2-3 from 1pm-6pm. Matt will host a FREE Tips & Tricks Clinic, Tabou 3S DEMO, and Happy Hour BBQ. Matt can help you with your jibes, loops, wave riding, and other freestyle moves.
    Jane & Rebecca
    Boardsports School & Shop
  • Spring Opening BBQ & Free Kite Launch Safety Clinic

    Happy Spring everyone! We are hosting a Spring BBQ & Free Clinic, we hope you can join us! When: Saturday April 28, 2018 Time: 12pm-2pm – free kite launching & safety clinic*, bbq to follow *Kiteboard launching clinic pre-requisite: offered to any kiter who has previously taken kiteboard lessons and wants to improve their knowledge of launching best practices, self rescue, and overall kite safety. Where: Boardsports Alameda, Crown Beach Park Registration (required) on Eventbrite We hope to see you all soon!  
  • SUP, Windsurfing and Kiteboarding in November!

    After 18 years of living in San Francisco, I still feel extremely grateful for our weather. The picture above was taken this past Saturday, November 14th! What a great day to be in Alameda. As you may recall, Saturday morning was gloomy! I woke up to cold, dreary skies and rain. My first thought, “The weatherman sure missed the mark.” The forecast was for sun, but I had serious doubts about seeing sun that day. Fortunately, about 1 hour later, blue skies were on the horizon and the next thing I knew, there wasn’t a cloud to be seen!! I drove to Alameda and set up for our SUP tour/BBQ and windsurfing lessons. Four of us, hit the water for a Balina Isle paddle at 11:30. The conditions were ideal. Amazing flat water, blues skies and lots of pelicans diving for their lunch. The tide was ebbing so the paddle out was also easy. Once in side the lagoon area, I could feel the wind picking up. Perfect for our two beginner windsurfing students, Ed and Ben. It was also perfect to have tail winds come back around the other side of the Isle. Ed and Ben were able to sail around as the wind picked up to a steady 8-10mph and stayed there all afternoon. Even Jesse was able to get out kiting on his 19m Flysurfer and Litewave 161 Wing! At the end of the day, a few of us sat on the lawn chairs and watch the sun start to set. How lucky we are to live in the Bay Area!
  • 4th of July Wetsuit SALE – 15% OFF


    Come on in and get a new wetsuit!

    15% off (non-sale items)

    In-store purchases only

    Alameda & San Mateo

    We are open all weekend at both shops.

    4th of July weekend hours & directions
  • Full Moon SUP Paddle Sun 5/3 7:30pm Alameda

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Join us for a full moon SUP paddle tour! When: Sunday 5/3 Time: 7:30pm-9pm Wear: warm non-cotton clothes like yoga pants, fleece top REGISTER Sunset: 8:03pm OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Moonrise: 7:51pm OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA How: We will provide glow light necklaces. We will take a leisurely paddle to enjoy the sunset as well as the full moon rising. Basic paddle experience recommended (so you don’t fall in in the dark!). Cost: $59 includes board, paddle, tour, glow necklace, apres snacks* *if you have your own board and paddle, come join us, tour drop in fee $20, no reservation needed. just email us your name and cell so we know you are coming, and have a glow light necklace and apres snacks for you! REGISTER OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA SONY DSC