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  • Matt Pritchard Clinic / Demo / BBQ Aug 2-3

    Pro Windsurfer Matt Pritchard is coming to town! Come join us at Boardsports School & Shop @ Coyote Point, San Mateo on August 2-3 from 1pm-6pm. Matt will host a FREE Tips & Tricks Clinic, Tabou 3S DEMO, and Happy Hour BBQ. Matt can help you with your jibes, loops, wave riding, and other freestyle moves.
    Jane & Rebecca
    Boardsports School & Shop
  • Naish Kite Demo

    Come check out all of the 2012 Naish Kites and Boards. Nick Stuart is in town with the mother load Naish RV! He will be loaded up with all the goodies. Come try out anything and everything. When: Fri/Sat/Sun 5/25-27 Where: Locations Announced HERE and on FaceBook, Twitter, and Forums ( and Bay Area Kiteboarding) based on best wind but will include Alameda & 3rd Ave What: 2012 Naish Kites (Torch, Bolt, Park) and Boards (all of ’em, twin tips and surf boards)
  • Harnesses – All Top Brands Ion, Prolimit, Underwave, North, Naish, Dakine

    thumbnail_prolimit-kitewaist-pro-2013 We carry all of the TOP BRANDS of harnesses for your windsurfing and/or kitesurfing needs. Both of our shop locations – Alameda and San Mateo, are FULLY STOCKED with tons of choices for you. Come in and try on a harness, and GET HOOKED for life! We are happier in a harness, using the wind to speed along the gorgeous San Francisco Bay. Top Harness Brands:
    • Ion
    • Prolimit
    • Underwave
    • North
    • Naish
    • Dakine
    Visit our ONLINE STORE to check out the selection and come on in to try one on.
  • HOT new 2011 NORTH kites rolled out at Sherman Island Sun Sept 5th

    Zoe and I ventured up to Sherman Island, a.k.a. “The Delta”, yesterday to join the North crew of Dan and his family. His brother Brian was out on the new kites, and later I got to meet his parents. For the day my family was made up of me and the pooch. Rebecca stayed back at the shop to help all the customers get their season end smokin’ deals. Zoe and I got a hall pass for the North Demo. Zoe loves the Detla, with fresh water swimming, sand boxes to eat, and people to bark at with the hope of picking up some extra food. I have to keep her on a leash nowadays, as all of the temptations are overwhelming for a nearly 14 year old golden retriever. Dan (North rep), Molly (his wife) and Dane (there little munchkin) had made the drive down for Hood River to roll out the 2011 kites and give us a chance to test them. Nice sunny warm weather and early burn off the marine layer meant very light winds in the Delta yesterday. But I headed up anyway, as I was excited to check out all of the new kites and hang with Dan and his family. Dan rigged up a full quiver of 2011 Rebels and Vegas’s. The Rebel as a few cool new improvements:
    1. double thickness canopy that North designed and has the exclusive on for 2 years. So an already super durable well made brand sets the bar higher with stronger canopy design.
    2. the inflate valve is one way and has a cool close valve system that will prevent leakage. i never saw leakage issues on the current one, but the new design is pretty cool.
    3. the sections of the leading edge have been refined to add even more stability to this truly awesome kite. the 2011 north rebel is incredibly stable. i noticed improved low end in the 12m as the kite turns fast and locks in to really nice low end power
    4. i noticed the 2011 turns faster than the 2010. i hesitated to ride any 12m as i like faster turning kites. the 2011 rebel turns fast and is truly enjoyable to ride. i can’t wait to try the 11, 10 and below.
    5. cool new colors – 3 to choose from. black w/ red, turquoise blue w/lighter blue, and bright light green/purple/red
    Here is the 12m Rebel (pictured below) that i got to try. The bar has new graphics but is essentially the same as the 2010 bar. At first i wasn’t keen on the black kite (i am a fan of bright visible colors). but the black rebel grew on me as it looks pretty damn cool. It will probably be the most popular color in the line for all the cool rebels out there! For a 3rd party review on the 2011 North Rebel, check out: My summation of the north rebel is as follows: direct feel, incredibly stable, smooth power delivery, and lively turning machine! Here is the 11m in the turquoise blue/light blue/red. All the design influence on color palette is driven by European sport fashion trends. Dan needs no leap of faith to love the 70s disco palette on the 10m below. Again, at first I was reminded of bad ski clothing of the 70s (and singer Sheena Easton). In person, the bright green/purple/red is really cool looking. I may have to join Dan with his impeccably bad taste on this one, and get myself a neon green ION wetsuit and neon green ION harness to match. Remember, 80% of participating in most sports is all about looking cool (or thinking that you look cool at least). Should I go for the disco green rebel? What will I use for a board to match?The Vegas has been improved slightly from 2010…and is best summed up here on “The most important and most challenging innovation is the new Technoforce D2 material. This especially for North Kiteboarding developed double rip stop material was introduced with the Fuse and is now used in any kites of North Kiteboarding. Flying and handling characteristics are changed a lot so the kites have been finetuned a lot to fulfil the expectations of the test crews. The stiffness of the D2 is way higher then at common materials and tensions in the kite can be used to improve the handling and the performance of a kite. This was a main reason for being able to change the profile in the centre and the tension on the trailing edge. The result is a more powerful and more constant pop. Unhooked tricks can be done easier because the kite offers a more constant line tension. Handling and feedback of the kite are finetuned and enables to have enormous control of your kite. The sizes 5, 7 and 9 offer a second brake line attachment, which is slowing down the turning speed of the kite.” As the sun started to set, Chris announced the BBQ/Pig Roast was under way down by the boat ramp picnic tables. We all migrated down to the food, and enjoyed the warm sunny 85 degree weather. I had about an hour of riding on the 12m rebel before beer thirty rolled around. I was able to stay upwind with my 132 North Select twin tip. That is a major advantage of being a chic (even though I am not a small petite flower like Rebecca!). I can stay upwind on a 12m and small board in very little wind (and I have all that light wind efficient riding practice in Alameda). Zoe joined me at the BBQ for a while, until she finally managed to get to my leftovers on my plate, including her favorite delicacy, napkins. I tied her up by the car for a break, and returned to the BBQ for some of Maui Mike’s famous bbq’d chicken. Maui Mike and his crew apparently do this season end BBQ every year. It was a very tasty and impressive spread, including an entire roast pork (yep, head and all), some yummy mango salad/salsa, rice, and bbq’d chicken. Here is the pic of my dinner plate before Zoe got to it. The warm weather at sunset in the Delta was gorgeous. I did not need a sweatshirt, despite my San Francisco instincts to bring one along. The party crew included many of the Delta regulars, who all greatly appreciate the hospitality of Maui Mike. I am not sure if this is the same guy, but I found a website in Hawaii that may be behind the culinary genius of this very warm and welcoming host, Maui Mike. Dan was overwhelmed with the local vibe, and sprung up to offer Maui Mike any 2011 kite he wanted. This was his gesture of appreciation for throwing such and awesome and generous bbq for all of us to enjoy. Thanks Dan!! Of course Mike picked the 12m Rebel that I got to ride this afternoon. Damn, I guess I’ll have to put in my order for one now!! Here is Dan (with no flash on my iphone and digital cam battery gone dead), offering Mike “any kite you want man, you da best!” While enjoying the food and pondering the gorgeous, warm, but windless night, I asked Donny of Kitopia when he thought we would get some good wind in the Delta again (and I was looking for my excuse to pitch my tent in the bushes so I could have a breakfast session on Labor Day). Donny looked me right in the eye, and replied “I am hoping by June of 2011”. The black birds then swooped over our heads, and flew off into the sunset beyond the boat ramp. Danny then noted, “the arriving black birds are the sign of death…. the death of the wind for the season”. I am hoping Donny is dead wrong. There is marine layer in tomorrow’s forecast, so I am headed back to the Delta if there is any hope for wind! Jane
  • 2016 Naish Alana Lifestyle – Ladies Kiteboarding Bliss

    Based on the Pivot’s design, the Alana’s overall structure and ability to pivot on a small axis of rotation provides quick and easy turning, intuitive steering and predictable power development. It features a medium aspect ratio for substantial low-end power, a “sheet-in and go” feel, easy jumping and great upwind performance. Aside from being a fantastic freeride kite, the Alana’ s characteristics also make it a great wave kite. Its lightweight design delivers smooth power, controlled turns and superior drifting in a variety of wind and wave conditions. The ABS bridle also helps decrease the amount of pull on the harness for forgiving strapless riding.

    2016 NAISH ALANA Kite

    Fitting a wide range of skill levels, the Alana provides smooth, adaptable performance for all-around wave and freeriding. Based on the popular Pivot and designed for women, this easy-handling kite excels in a variety of wind and wave conditions, while remaining responsive and dynamic. Predictable power development, direct bar feel and intuitive steering put riders in complete control and a medium aspect ratio supports substantial low-end power for easy jumping, great upwind performance and remarkable “sheet-in-and-go”. Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Precision turns on a small axis with minimum power increase in the turn “Sheet-in and go” feel & easy jumping ABS Bridle for consistent forward drive + maximum depower + no back-stalling Quick water relaunch Natural drifting effect Canopy Stabilizer Constant leading edge taper High-flow Valve

    2016 NAISH Alana Directional Kite Surf Board

    The 2016 Naish Alana is designed for women who want all-around waveriding versatility and demand total confidence for dynamic strapped or strapless riding. The Alana’s outline, shape and rocker have all been fine-tuned to respond to lighter degrees of rider input. Thanks to its thruster design, it also delivers the best combination of speed, control and drive in a variety of flatwater, onshore and wave conditions. Key Features of The 2016 Naish Alana Surfboard: Honeycomb Core Fins = Lightweight + high flex High Tail Kick in Rocker = Tight & snappy turns off the lip Squared Rails in Tail = Superior grip in bottom turns Full 3D Double Density Deck Pad = Excellent comfort + cushioning + traction Double Bamboo Sandwich Deck = Maximum durability + minimizes pressure dents Deep Single Concave Bottom = Speed + drive Surf Skin Bottom = Real surfboard feel on water + resilient + firm CNC Shape = Absolute precision shaping Thruster Fin Setup = Snappy + control + release off the top Lightweight Finish
  • Stellar wind in Alameda this weekend…and traveling to Crown Beach by Ferry

    I went to Alameda by ferry yesterday, cruising down Nob Hill on one of our new Ultramotor Electric A2B Bicycles. The whole SF to Alameda bike/ferry trip takes about 35 minutes. We are now a dealer of these cool electric bikes. Come by or call us for a free demo ride anytime. I am totally addicted to riding around town on them. They go up to 20mph, have a range of 20 miles on one charge, and can fully charge (by basic power outlet) in 3 hours. You can pedal while you motor, gaining great speed and getting everywhere in a flash. They are technically a bicycle, so NO registration or motorcycle license is required, and you can take them on Bart and all the local ferries. Saturday Marie and I cruised down to Coyote by Bart and bike and I had so much fun that I decided with the Bay Bridge closed for the weekend, this was the most elegant option for getting to Alameda on Sunday. The ferry leaves from the Ferry Building in SF, and drops off right by Rosenblum Winery in Alameda. From the winery, it’s about a 6 minute pedal to the shack. It’s a gorgeous ferry ride and it was a beautiful day to travel by boat. I got a nice view of the Bay Bridge Construction Project. Alameda was warm and mellow when I arrived at the shack. Around 2:30pm, the wind came up nicely, blowing a steady 18+. Arde was overpowered (I mean totally lit!) on his 19m Raven. I went out on the 10.5 Cult and had a blast. We have just received our 2010 kites so if you would like to demo the new Cult, give us a call. It is sweet! The beach was less crowded than usual, with lots of people out of town for Labor Day Weekend. On my return trip to SF, the Bay was lit up by an almost full moon. What a nice way to spend the day, and a what a relaxing, fun way to travel the Bay. Thanks to the wind Gods for a very nice windy September weekend in Alameda! Jane
  • F-One Kiteboarding Demo Sat/Sun 4/28-29 @ 3rd Ave

    We will be out at 3rd Avenue this coming weekend to demo all the 2010 F-One Bandit III kites and F-One Boards. Come ride some new stuff and check it out!
  • Boardsport’s California: Starboard 122 Foil Windsurf Board Review

    Summary: Extremely controlled, smooth landing, confidence builder

    The Hype: The 122 is a plug and play freeride foil board: thin for maximum foil control, with 100% sharp rail edges for early planing and a clean water release even when touching down. This board features:
    • Thin Rails
    • Flat Deck Shape
    • 100% Sharp Rail Edges
    • 2 rows of 3 foot strap inserts
      On-the-Water Reality We tested the board in challenging foiling conditions; the wind was gusty 12-25 knot. There was a strong ebb current counter to the wind, which created fairly steep 2-3ft swells.   We used a 5.2 race sail to start. This board is impressive! When the board was flying low, it was super-slippery when touching the water. There was no friction, stickiness or slowdown whatsoever.  Those rails are pure magic. We performed intentional controlled breaches to see how re-entry would go. The splash downs were inconsequential, both when intentionally breaching and doing intentional “regain control” touchdown heading upwind – even in the big chop and swells.  We got some expected spray, but no pearling In 20+ knots and 3ft swells attempting jibes, the board was a confidence builder:  not once did the board stuff into the water, either nose or rails. In fact, it’s actually impressive at just how smooth the transition from foiling to planing is. For example, like when you fall off the foil on a gybe, the board just planes through without missing a step. With the board’s straps set up on the inbound settings, the board feels very beginner-friendly. It also allowed the board to have a really “surfy” responsiveness.   This inspired us to try some swell riding.   Unlike other boards, or regular windsurfing boards (with narrow tails), the 122 Foil created a solid feeling of bringing the entire board on the turn rather than pivoting it off the tail. This provides a ton of control. On the onboard settings we could haul upwind really well, which is impressive too for a board that is 75.5cm in width. The Bottom Line: While there is more testing/reporting to be done on the pure lighter wind side, we are impressed. There is a lot to like here. The board handles very well in high winds. We were not able to catch a rail or bury the nose in touchdowns.   The board can blast upwind or become more “surfy with a change of the footstrap placement. Starboard 122L Flax Bala MSRP: $1999 Come DEMO / try this board! We have the 122l Starboard foil and many other Foil boards for rent at our Coyote Point Shop in San Mateo.
  • Ladies kiteboard social ride day & bbq Alameda

    Ladies kiteboard social ride day & bbq Alameda

    When: SATURDAY 7/9 1pm

    Where: Boardsports Alameda, Crown Beach Park

    What: Ladies social kite ride day & bbq

    Who: anyone can join, it’s free! Just bring your own gear and be ready to have fun riding with local female kiters.

    What: We will ride together and then bbq!

      IMG_6751 IMG_6763 IMG_6773 IMG_6826 Ladies
  • August Naish SUP Race Series August 8, 15, 22, 29

    BOARDSPORTS SCHOOL & SHOP LAUNCHES THE FIRST OF FOUR AUGUST STAND UP PADDLE RACES AT CRISSY FIELD. The race course was a trip to the yellow buoy shy of the South Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, around Blackaller buoy, around Anita Rock buoy, and back to the beach. We had 10 racers in all, paddling on everything from an 11′ Uli inflatable SUP (Michael came in 4th!) to the Laird 12′ (Jean came in 1st!). The weather was gorgeous – sunshine and warm. No wetsuits needed! See videos and pics below. Race results are noW posted on our Boardsports School & Shop website. Jesse from the Coast Guard and our beloved staff member, knows racing logistics so he helped plan the event. Pre-race group shot. Tried to get the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, fog interfering… The START! The dog definately wanted to join the race…next time! Jean approaching the beach finish in a time of approximately 25 minutes….riding a Laird 12′ and using a Powerex Sean Ordonex Paddle (visit our gear page to check it out and buy one!) Jean, leisurely walking across the finish line…he had a significant lead. Jean is no stranger to wining…check out his US Windsurfing National Championships race results from last week! Joe was not too far behind…congrats to our Boardsports Team Member for finishing 2nd!! He paddled the Naish 12′ Glide (winner of the final of the race series wins a 14′ Naish Glide and trip to Maui) and the Powerex Sean Ordonez Carbon Paddle. We have both in stock at our retail shops if you want to come demo or purchase them! Fred and Jesse at the finish. Congrats to the TOP 3 Finishers…Jean Rathle (Laird 12′), Joe Miller (Naish Glide 12′), Fred Anderson (Jimmy Lewis 11′). 4th place to Mike Acquino on the inflatable Uli 11′In 5th place, Joe’s friend Jesse from out of town…he had paddled just a couple of times before today. After the race they were going to head up to Bolinas and paddle the waves on their SUP boards. AJ, way to bring it up from the rear to finish 6th..and you didn’t even fall in! He said that he had only paddled once before today. Dean on his nice 11’2 Starboard. Karen from San Diego, on a Naish 12′ Glide…and super cool adjustable telescoping Sawyer paddle. Looking cool, calm and collect after about a 2 mile race…good job Sam! And Allen with a big smile…glad to be in to the finish line and ready for the next race. All in all a great time and lots of fun. Can’t wait for next week!! Call 415.385.1224 or visit our website to sign up. Jane