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  • Nobile & Firewire KITE Demo Sunday 7/17 + Felix Pivec!

    Join us to try out all the 2016 kites and boards from Nobile & Firewire!

    When: Sun 7/17 Where: 3rd Ave San Mateo, lower launchForecast is for high teens to low 20s in the channel. Lighter near shore. Max Ebb is 4pmTime: 1pm-6pmCost: Free to experienced kiters that are independent and riding upwindWhat: try out new gear, boards and kites from Nobile & Firewire and see/meet Firewire Pro Rider Felix Pivec!Nobile Boards:SPLIT Boards>NHP SplitInfinity Surf Board SplitNHP Board2HD BoardT5 Board50/50 BoardFirewire Kite Surfboards:Vanguard and VaderFirewire Pro Rider Felix Pevic is in town and will be joining us for the DEMONobile Kites:50/50 Kite hybrid CT5 Kite – Performance Freeride Wavenobile infinity split nobile 2hd 2016 nobile nhp split 2015 Nobile Infinity SplitFirewire
  • Matt P Windsurfing Clinic a great success…thanks Matt!!!

    Matt gave us an overview of the Tabou 87 and 97 3S boards that we had everyone demo out at the event. The boards are great all around freeride shapes,  super smooth in chop, and great for bump and jump. If you didn’t get to demo on at the event, stop by any time and we’ll get you out on one!
    We had a great turnout for Matt Pritchard’s Tips & Tricks Clinic. Thanks to
    Matt for coming out to Coyote and teaching us some new moves! Matt covered everything from fast tacks, haas tacks, carving jibes, duck jibes, looping, and wave sailing. The wind and weather were awesome both days – WNW 18-25… and Coyote was so crowded Saturday that it looked like the 80s again! The parking lot was full and the clinic was standing room only.
    Matt takes to the water at Coyote and busts a nice jump!
    Rebecca and I loved the whole weekend and hope everyone had a great time.
    Jane & Rebecca
  • Harnesses – All Top Brands Ion, Prolimit, Underwave, North, Naish, Dakine

    thumbnail_prolimit-kitewaist-pro-2013We carry all of the TOP BRANDS of harnesses for your windsurfing and/or kitesurfing needs. Both of our shop locations – Alameda and San Mateo, are FULLY STOCKED with tons of choices for you. Come in and try on a harness, and GET HOOKED for life! We are happier in a harness, using the wind to speed along the gorgeous San Francisco Bay.Top Harness Brands:
    • Ion
    • Prolimit
    • Underwave
    • North
    • Naish
    • Dakine
    Visit our ONLINE STORE to check out the selection and come on in to try one on.
  • Boardsports Voted “Best Surf Shop” 2014!

    BayAreaAList2014winnerThank you to all of our customers and voters for our 2014 SF Bay Area A List award! We are very excited to win this award and hope to see you all very soon so we can thank you in person! For a full list of Bay Area A List Winners, click on link below. 2014BestOfWinner
  • Boardsports Voted “Best Surf Shop” for 2013!

    Thank you to all of our loyal customers for voting for us in the San Francisco City Voter Best of the Bay List. We are very grateful to earn this award and strive to continually deliver top notch service, lessons, retail choices, and overall fun at our Boardsports Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, and Stand Up Paddle School & Shop. Visit our testimonials page for more details on our recent win 🙂


    BEST Surf Shop

  • The NEW NEW THING in WINDSURFING instruction…

    We had a sold out US Sailing Instructor Certification class this past weekend. Tinho Dornellas (owner of Calema Windsurfing in Merritt Island Florida) flew out to lead our class and certify 12 windsurfing instructors. For 4 full days (9am-6pm) we went through many hands on training exercises, including many new presentation techniques to help us teach beginners more quickly.
    The best way to sum up the NEW NEW technology we learned is that we applied shortboard efficient planing techniques to longboard beginner instruction. These new techniques can help avoid the pitfalls of unbalanced sailing, such as beginning intermediate catapults, and get beginners progressing more quickly.
    Come down to the beach and we’ll show you some new stuff!!
  • Hot Sunny Weather for the Crissy Swap and SUPing at Half Moon Bay

    The weather was GORGEOUS on Saturday for this season’s annual SWAP MEET at Crissy Field in San Francisco. The swap meet was packed! Many people commented that it was the busiest swap they had seen in years. Lots of people were buying and selling their used gear. I had fun socializing with everyone and checking out the gear. Abigail (one of our Crissy team riders) helped me to promote our school and shop by passing out brochures and showing off our new ’09 Naish SUP boards. They got a lot of ooos and aaahs with their irresistibly beautiful wood veneer construction. I also brought our newly arrived Powerex Sean Ordonez 100% Carbon SUP paddles. Here is what Lightning Bolt Maui said about the SO Powerex carbon paddle on a recent forum post:“In my eyes, the Powerex paddle is the best built paddle out there. I have been testing them for about 10 months now. I find the paddle to be my favorite paddle to date. I have left all my other paddles for this paddle. The paddle is very light yet very strong. Cort the manufacturer stated on a video if you break this paddle he will buy it back unless there are tire tracks across it. Thats a great warranty. I have been testing the hell out of this paddle, surfing big waves and doing down winders and letting beginners beat it up also. The paddle is stiff but flexes enough for my liking. The blade is bigger then most blades but it is not so big that you feel it right away… fast and powerful. Enters the water and exits well and plenty of torque.”Watch The Video of Cort Larned’s overview of the new Powerex 100% Carbon Paddle and how strong it is. We have them in stock and they retail for $349.With hot sunny weather and no wind all weekend, I also got a chance to join Kathryn Martin and her husband Jeff on a surf adventure south of the bay. Our kite instructor Mike joined me on the road trip, and we all headed to Half Moon Bay. The surf break south of Half Moon Bay Harbor is one of the coldest spots on the coast, as the tides are strong and upwell some mightly chilly h20. I am spoiled with some of the warmest water in the bay at Alameda and San Mateo (right now about 63 degrees), but I figured my 4/3 Xcel wetsuit would do the trick. We entered into the 48 degree water unknowingly (and without booties), and our eye balls almost popped out upon the sensation of ice cold water enveloping our vulnerable bare feet. Kathryn (apparently some type of alien in terms of cold water tolerance) was only wearing a 1 mil shortie, and doing just fine! She is my new cold water heroine…her bravery was quite impressive. Link Paddling around helped warm me up. Before I new it, I caught a great big (for me as a novice at surfing) 3 foot wave! I shot down the face and was excited to feel the smooth glide of the board under my feet. Closer to shore, I managed to fall into the white water for a cold water full body plunge. By some miracle, the freezing cold water was not as bad as I thought it would be through my warm wetsuit. With the adrenaline rushing through my veins, cold water was no bother to me now, and with wet hair, now I could actually see where I was going. After about an hour of paddling into the waves, we decided it was “beer thirty”. We drove to the nearby Half Moon Bay Brewing Company to take in the warm glow of the sun and some much needed salty Cazadores margaritas. This is an ideal place to stop for apres surf. They have great food, great drinks, and dogs are allowed on the patio (Zoe was psyched!).Mike and I decided that the next time we go, we’ll have to hit a warmer spot (any spot is warmer than this one)… perhaps Pacifica, Bolinas, or Maui! Until then, I will savor my big 3 foot wave.Jane
  • Congrats to Susan Barber – SUP Winner!

    Congrats to Boardsports SUP Team Rider Susan Barber (seated foreground left) for her stellar finish at the Naish National Championship Race in San Diego yesterday. Susan finished in the top 10, and drove all the way there on Saturday and back on Sunday (8 hrs each way). She even made it onto the local news! You rock Susan!!Shana Kaplan (SF Series top 3 finisher) also drove down for the event and finished 3rd place! Great job ladies and hope to see you paddling locally very soon. Check out pics and video here.Jane
  • Boardsports Voted “Best Surf Shop” 2015!

    Thank you to all of our fantastic customers who took the time to vote for us in this years Bay Area A list contest. We are proud to announce we are the winner for 2015!We love what we do – and could not operate our business without all of the fun customers we serve. We will be hosting a celebration party in April. Stay tuned for the details!
  • Test Ride on the Tandem Windsurf Board at Alameda Sunday Evening

    Susan and I got a chance to take out our brand new 2009 Starboard Gemini Sunday evening at the “Shack” in Alameda. We had been hopeful of potentially getting the board up on a plane together, but by the time we got our sails ready and the board down to the water, the wind had backed off. We were looking forward to a tandem ride just the same, and the weather was gorgeous. The sun was setting over San Francisco, and the water was warm and mellow. A small crowd had gathered just to observe the launching of this veritable ginormous boat.The Shack is an ideal place to keep this tandem Starboard windsurf board. It is quite heavy, and quite large. If you live on the water then it works great. I am not sure how anyone would get it on top of a car, although Jonathan managed to transport it to Alameda on the top of our Jetta. It takes 2 people to move it around, and carrying it around is not a frivolous task. The board has 370 liters of volume, is 12 feet long (367 cm), and weighs about 50 lbs. The fin comes up to my mid section (a.k.a. rear end) and is over 2 1/2 feet long (70cm) , so we turned the board on its’ side in order to bring it down to water’s edge. We used mechanical universal joints so we didn’t have to turn the board on it’s side to put the sails on. They proved to be quite useful later when taking the sails off in the water. We executed our double launch procedure with relative ease. I managed not to chop Susan in half despite her precarious position in between the two sails. We had to schlepp the rig out a bit due to the low tide and absolutely ginormous fin. Once we got out far enough to clear the fin, we climbed onto the board and both started to uphaul. The board was EXTREMELY stable and even if we were hoola dancing on the deck, we would not have fallen in. I guess that is what you get when you have 370 liters of volume!!! We got into a rythym quickly and easily. I ended up giving Susan a stance and fast tack lesson, and it was an ideal platform for teaching. I could stand right next to her (sail right next to her I mean), watch her sailing technique, and give her feedback and watch her make small adjustments. This is incredible teaching tool and I can’t wait to schedule some lessons on the Gemini. Susan and I chatted the whole time, and it was really nice experiencing windsurfing with a companion. We swapped positions while on the board (easy due to how stable it is) by setting our sails in the water and crawling alongside eachother to swicth between the front and back positions. Theoretically the more experienced rider goes in back, but we had fun trying it on the front and back. Tacking is a bit of a challenge as the front sailor needs to really duck when the back person flips their sail to the other side of the board. Susan pulled that off with ease and I don’t have a single bruise from the experience (nor does she, thank God!). We wished we had brought along some wine and cheese so we could stop for a picnic while sailing. That will have to wait til next time.The sunset proved to be an ideal setting for our first Gemini ride. I can’t wait to get back on! Come rent it anytime for the ultimate social windsurfing experience, or schedule a lesson and have your instructor right next to you while you learn to plane and go really fast! By the way, the speed record on the Gemini is 29 knots (33 mph)! And if you think 2 people can have 2x as much fun, check out this Mistral clip from Europe where 9 people get on a tandem board and pull a waterskiier behind them!Here is what Starboard has to say about the Gemini on their website:A wide-style tandem board changes everything about the windsurfing experience.For advanced windsurfers: the Gemini reveals more performance and brings more fun than you can imagine. Guaranteed to make you laugh and enjoy the most unique ride of your life, the Gemini also unlocks amazing speed and power that will see you overtake the solo windsurfers on the water. For the most social windsurfers out there, the Gemini is the ultimate date.For beginners: feel the rush of planing and experience the basics of high-performance windsurfing from the first minute onboard. Simply get in the front with a smaller sail, and partner yourself with an experienced sailor in the back.For schools and centers: the Gemini is a wide, stable shape that offers a platform for both the coach and the learner to sail together. The beginner can also learn solo sailing with the coach sitting on the board. As a tool, it’s a must and a fantastic way to start windsurfing.Summary: The World’s only widestyle tandem board For advanced windsurfers and for social windsurfers For schools, centers and beginners The current Gemini World Speed Record: 29.2 knotsBye for now, Jane