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  • 2016 Nobile NHP Snowkite Board Test Review – Downhill Conditions


    The NHP Snowkite is a board dedicated to be used in the snow with a kite. It’s not just a regular snowboard with a kiteboarding brand logo. When designing this model, we used all our experience and passion to develop the best performing board on the market, whether for snow or ice. You’re looking at massive pop, a versatile flex pattern and unique 20-meters progressive sidecut radius. This is the weapon of choice for all snowkiters. Our unique construction results in an insanely comfortable ride without being forced to upwind all the time, while the Nobile Snowkite provides extraordinary grip, both on toe and heel-side edge, allowing you to hold more speed, especially when going upwind. Our patented Snake Transition offers tons of control and response, even on icy and hardpack conditions, while still maintaining a fun flex. This board is also just as happy being used as a regular snowboard for those days when the wind isn’t playing ball.nobile nhp snowkiteFEATURES: * Snowkiting dedicated twin-tip * 20m side-cut * Maximum carving performance and edge-to-edge response * Massive POP and extraordinary controlSizes: 148 157 164

    Nick’s Review:

    Here is a review from one of our customers in Colorado who was curious to try the Nobile NHP Snowkite board in regular snowboarding / downhill conditions. His review reveals that the Nobile is a great board not just for snowkiting, but also for regular snowboarding!snowkiteNobile

    1st: Nick inspects the board’s shape and describes unique attributes: 

    The Nobile has a reduced side cut angle to help keep it from edging upwind too much when kiting. The more dramatic the side cut angle, the easier it is to initiate and make sharper turns on the slopes.  So you would think a reduced sidecut would be harder to turn. Another feature that I noticed and had not seen advertised much was a wavy edge profile on the bottom of the board towards the center where the riders feet are. I think they call it the Snake Transition, but its not given much explanation on the site. You can’t see it looking directly over the board from the top, but if you look at it from the side you can see the wave pattern and you can definitely feel it when you run your hand along the bottom.  I believe this wave pattern helps grip the hardpack snow, frozen lake ice when kiting and groomed slopes. There are two other companies who use the same type of concept except their bottoms are smooth and the waves edge flares out on the sides, so you can see it looking strait down over the board. They call it “magna-traction” and its used on Lib-Tech and GNU snowboards.

    2nd: Nick chooses boards to ride side by side with the Nobile, based on it’s unique attributes:

    So given those two features that seemed to be the most dominant things affecting the Nobiles performance. I chose two boards to ride side by side that would help me get a feel for differences in the features on the slopes. Both boards were shorter than the Nobile, but they were all the same width at 26.5 mm. The first was an old Lamar XWide 159 Directional twintip. This board has a very deep side cut so I chose it to compare to the Nobile reduced sidecut. The second was a 2016 GNU Smart Pickle 159 Wide twintip with Magna-Traction edge. The MT edge has a pretty strong following in snowkiting here because of the grip it has on the ice with the kite. It’s not designed for kiting so the sidecut is more pronounced than the Nobile. I thought it would be good to compare the MT edge to the Nobile wave bottom.

    3rd: Nick’s Board Test & Review:

    I was at Eldora, it’s 30 minutes outside Boulder and is known for less than ideal conditions because it’s so close to the foothills.  The conditions were mostly packed powder and 70% of the runs were groomed. We had a big snow several days before so some of the less traveled blacks were still somewhat powdery.
    Here’s what I thought:
    Turning: The Lamar with the increased sidecut did turn better and sharper but I feel the Nobile felt more stable and grippy than the GNU with the MT edge.  On the Nobile I was able to carve easily on hardpack groomed surfaces as well as what powder was left. I think that wavy bottom really made a difference on the hardpack.
    Stability: The Nobile felt more stable at higher speeds than either of the other boards. It might have been the extra 5 cm of length but it was noticeably more stable.
    Speed: This was the only area that the Nobile fell a little short.  Both the other boards were faster. I had another guy with me testing them so we were able to compare speeds on the different boards. I gave him an extra pair of my boots and was running the same bindings on all boards.  I had freshly waxed and tuned the other two boards, the Nobile was fresh out of the box so if it’s not pre waxed at the factory that could have been the reason.  I’m going to wax and tune it before the next time out and see if it makes a difference.
    Overall: So far, I’m really surprised by the Nobile. I’ve known we were moving the shop out here for a while and had been looking at it online since then. On their website they threw in that last sentence stating that it could be used on the slopes too and I wondered if that was just something they were saying to sell boards.  The day we tested it, the Nobile was the one I had the most fun on.
    Thanks to Nick for sending us your test ride experience! Check out the board on our online store.
  • Coyote Point Parking Lot Repaving 4/22-24 – Alternate Shop Access

    CoyotePtParkingLotClosedSAN MATEO – Coyote Point Park 1603 Coyote Point Boulevard, San Mateo 94401Boardsports 415.385.1224***PARKING NOTICE April 22-24, 2015:Coyote Pt Parking Lot Repaving work being completed 4/22-24. PARK IN THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN PLAYGROUND OR MAIN BEACH PARKING LOT to access the shop.The parks department will be repaving the lot closest to Boardsports Coyote Pt San Mateo, starting this week. The repaving will take a few days, then it may take an additional few days to dry out.ALTERNATE SHOP ACCESS: 1. you can park in the magic mountain parking lot GPS coordinates 37.587286, -122.329239park there, then walk east towards the tan buildings with flags flying, that’s Boardsports!2. you can park in the main beach parking lot GPS coordinates 37.589513, -122.325784park there, then walk west towards the tan buildings with flags flying, that’s Boardsports!Sorry for any inconvenience! Those shoes were made for walking! But that newly paved parking lot may be a sweet place for land boarding once it’s all done!!!! 
  • SUPper Club Launch Tour & BBQ – Ballena Isle

    We are launching our “SUPper Club” with a tour of Ballena Isle in Alameda this Saturday, January 10th. Our paddle tour will depart from our “Shack” on Crown Beach in Alameda. This is a great first time paddle adventure as it’s only about 1 1/2 miles and takes about 45 minutes to complete. We will pass by Crab Cove, a nice sanctuary offering many differnt species of pretty birds. Will make our way into the marina and pass through the canal up through to the north side of Ballena Isle and back around to the beach.
    We will have 2 tour departures, one at 12:30 and one at 2pm. Sign ups required so send us an email or call to sign up. The cost is $29 which includes SUP rental and bbq. If you have your own board, the tour is free and you can join the optional bbq for $10.
    We hope you can join us!
    Jane & Rebecca
  • Blade FAT LADY Kite Demo Alameda Sunday 8/7

    Join us to try out the 2016 Blade FAT LADY 17m Kite

    When: Sun 8/7Where: Boardsports AlamedaTime: 1pm-5pmCost: Free to experienced kiters that are independent and riding upwindWhat: try out the ultimate light wind high performance kite from Blade.“The Fat Lady does it again! This is by far one of the best kites this year! I owned the previous model and loved it to death. Turns even faster this year, probably the fastest turning 17m I’ve ever flown and it works great in all conditions with an amazing wind range,” Clint Sterba.Read more at The Kiteboarder Magazine Review of the Fat LadyBLADE-FAT-LADY-LW-GEAR-REVIEW-2015-02
  • 3 Day Progression Windsurfing CAMPS – NEW!

    Join us for a 3 day windsurfing progression camp! Get immersed in your progression and put 3 days on the water improving your skills.Prerequisite: * Our 2 day beginner lesson or equivalent (you can windsurf in both directions)Goals: * Improve your fundamentals * Learn new skills such as tack/jibe, harness, beachstart, waterstart * Have fun with peers and maximize your learning with 3 days in a row of land based simulator instruction, water time, and video feedback analysisSkills covered: * Mastering stance, turning (tacks/jibes), harness, beachstart. Topics driven by participant backgrounds, goalsP3What is included: *Gear rental, instruction, and video analysis.What to bring: *Towel, sunblock, warm clothes, bag lunch, water, snacks.Dates: July 17-19 Aug 7-9 Aug 14-16Cost: $399 includes all gear, instruction, and video analysisRegisterProgressionLayer
  • Boardsports Wins “Best Surf Shop” Voter Award, Bay Area Ch 7

    We are happy to announce that we received the Bay Area A List “Best Surf Shop” award for 2017!

    Thank you very much to all of our customers who voted for us, we greatly appreciate it!

    Tips from Voters

    fun, quality instruction, and a sense of community. windsurfers and kiters share in the fun; there’s respect, loyalty and community. Jane and Rebecca set the stage for a cohesive environment, fun experience and a Love for life!

    Birgitte Y. ⋅ February 25, 2017

    Hands down the best team to learn kitesurfing from in the Bay Area!

    Tibor M. ⋅ February 24, 2017

    I come from out of town and I can rent all of my gear and wetsuit etc. and just go out and play! I rent in the package- buy four rentals and get the fifth free.

    Karen H. ⋅ February 23, 2017

    Everyone is so nice! Feels more like a school or community than a store and makes everyone feel welcomed as they get into water sports.

    Guillaume D. ⋅ February 22, 2017

    Great service and knowledge of their products, competitive prices, friendly and helpful. My first go to for all my kiteboarding needs, from equipment to lessons.

    Paymon M. ⋅ February 22, 2017

    Rebecca, Jane and Kipps are knowledgeable about all aspects of the sport because they do them all at expert level. They provide personalized service, great prices and the most welcoming shop atmosphere anywhere. Coyote Point and windsurfing in the Bay Area are greatly enhanced by their presence. We all appreciate them!

    Bill M. ⋅ February 22, 2017

    Great equipment, great instructors, beautiful and easy into the water locations! The BEST,

    susanalameda ⋅ February 22, 2017

    Love this shop, they have it all!

    Robin R. ⋅ February 22, 2017

    Awesome community and so welcoming to newcomers!!

    Allison C. ⋅ February 21, 2017

    Amazing customer service, always down to help out. Supported many random last minute requests that made the difference between having the right set up for my kite trips or not

    James D. ⋅ February 21, 2017 

    Wonderful instructors, friendly staff and all around great local business.

    Bonniesteier S. ⋅ February 21, 2017

    Super helpful finding the right gear at a reasonable price. Great on water support when needed.

    Steven R. ⋅ February 21, 2017

    Wonderful wind, even more wonderful people!

    Tony X. ⋅ February 21, 2017

    Great instructors and great sales on selection on water sports gears

    Randolph T. ⋅ February 21, 2017

    Best team of wonderful talented individuals.

    Gabi T. ⋅ February 21, 2017

    Awesome knowledgeable folks who have a great shop. Support local business!

    Steohanie N. ⋅ February 15, 2017

    Helpful and friendly staff.

    Michael H. ⋅ February 14, 2017

    The friendliest shop service!

    Chris C. ⋅ February 6, 2017

    Great personal service. Great knowledge of the sport and the equipment. The BEST experience before, during, and after purchase.

    Brian B. ⋅ February 4, 2017

  • Boardsports Nominated for BEST SURF SHOP, Please VOTE FOR US!

    Please visit the Bay List City Voter (Ch 7 Bay Area A List) and cast your vote for us for the Best of the Bay award! We have won this award for the past 6 years and would greatly appreciate your support in voting this year. Only two weeks left to cast your vote! Thank you in advance for those of you who have already voted for us!AListBAYAreaJC Jesse RG
  • Summer Kids Camps – Windsurfing

    Are you planning for your kids summer sports camps? How about windsurfing kids camps! We offer kids camps throughout the summer for ages 7-12 at both Alameda and San Mateo. You can also sign up your children for 1 on 1 private lessons. We recommend our private lessons for kids ages 4-6!
  • North Kite Demo May 18

    Come check out all of the new 2012 North Kites/Boards with rep Dan Schwarz. He is in town for the weekend and will be hosting a full demo with the entire 2012 lineup. Locations will be confirmed based on best wind/weather as we get closer to the date but for now we are planning>Friday May 18th at COYOTE POINT San Mateo 2pm – 7pm w/ BBQ (Alternate location Alameda if wind looks better there)Saturday May 19th at 3rd AVENUE Foster City 1pm-6pmSunday May 20th at ALAMEDA 2pm-6pm
  • 2017 Severne Fox 105L Windsurf Board Staff Test / Review

    Boardsports California 2017 Severne Fox 105L Windsurf Board Staff Test / Review:

    Summary: Accessible-to-all, chop eating speedy game-changer

    The Hype:

    Designed to take freeride to the next level, the Severne Fox allows you to blast full speed through the choppiest water you can find.The Severne Fox board features:
    • Continuous rocker
    • Reduced tail width
    • Extreme vee
    • Superior control
    • Bonus: best jibe in the business
    Don’t let the comfort deceive you – in real world conditions the Fox delivers unmatched high performance fun.

    On-the-Water Reality:

    After seeing the preview of the 2017 Severne Fox (fall 2016), we could not wait to test it out on the water. Severne released the board into the US market in mid summer 2017, so we just got the board in and were able to test it.  Once we saw it in the shop, we realized it was clearly different than anything we had tested before. The Fox features a massive v-bottom, chamfered nose-railing, continuous rocker, and tail cutouts. Would it be fast? Would it be smooth?

    We set the board up with the straps outboard (our preferred riding style for this type of board), put on a 6.2 freeride sail (North E-Type), and screwed in the stock fin. We tested the board at our Coyote Point San Mateo, CA shop in wind speeds between 17-22 mph and moderate chop. With a slight bearing off, we experienced early planing. The board felt fast from the start, and the Fox zoomed into gear. Our GPS watch shows how much speed this board can deliver.In moderate chop, we could maintain speed easily without instinctually sheeting out or without having to maneuver around nastier pieces of swell. Chop? What chop? We could just stay locked in while speeding past everyone with comfort and control. In a variety of wind and water conditions, we pointed upwind, we headed downwind, we blasted across the wind; the board was always comfortable. The Fox was fast in all points of sail, and chop was not a obstacle.In extreme chop, the board performed even better than we could have expected. We had several unnerving moments of driving the board at speed straight at chop or down swell that should have buried the nose on any other freeride/slalom board. Not the Fox.Another surprise was how easily the board jibes. Both of us who initially tested the board over-jibed the board on the first few turns. Our instincts on a board this fast were that we would have to really put our feet across the centerline and drive hard. In the cast of the Fox, the V-bottom is so pronounced that we could simply slide our back foot just over the center line while rolling our weight. The board tilted from one rockered edge to the other, and then carved with ease and speed. It was also remarkably easy to adjust the carve trajectory mid-jibe. This was just icing on the cake. Basically, the board changes our definition of blasting in speed conditions. Anything is fair game – the Fox is silly fast, eats chop and stays in control in the air!The board comes in a carbon construction and ships with good fittings: a good-quality 36cm powerbox fin, four confortable (if a tad soft) footstraps, a grippy textured deck, and adequately thick footpads (which are also grippy!). The Fox features a membrane pressure-equalization vent plug (that is to say, you don’t have to worry about screwing anything on or off). The board has both inboard and outboard footstrap options, with multiple holes for each, so you we could easily dial in our desired stance. For the Fox 105L size, the board’s preferred sail range seems to be 5.8 to about 7.0, and it really comes into its own when paired with freeride or freerace sails.There were two slight technique adjustments we noted when taking this board out for a test drive. The board is so significantly V-Bottomed from nose to tail that it can round upwind when landing a jump or when putting your back foot on the board to water start. In both instances, the board tilts onto the windward rail and wants to carve upwind. Simply apply more downward, mast-foot pressure than you typically do for waterstarting. For jumping tuck in your back foot more than other board. Once you make these adjustments, all is SMOOOOTH sailing.

    The Bottom Line:

    Simply put, this board delivers on its promises. In flat or rough waters, it is speed without the white knuckles, in a shockingly easy to jibe package. This board, like no other, will put intermediate riders at easy with speed and make experienced riders want to push the board – reconciling speed and comfort on choppy waters.Severne Fox Available sizes: 95L, 105L, 120L, 140LMSRP: $2299

    Come DEMO / try this board!

    We have the 105L at our Coyote Point Shop in San Mateo. Come by to try it out and see for yourself how fast, fun and smooth the Severne Fox windsurf board is.